11 months

 This 11th month has been an emotional one. I feel like my baby is slipping quickly into toddlerdom and I'm both sad and proud of that fact! He is becoming mister independent with his love for bathing by himself, standing by Himself on December 11, and taking his first steps on December 23. He is still breastfeeding, but not for much longer, and we will be letting him 'cry it out' in the next week. (We would have earlier but with all the move we didn't want to put more change on him.)

He has started scrunching his nose this month, which is so adorable, gives high-fives and waves hello and bye-bye like it's his job. He loves looking at family pictures - there is something wonderful about seeing your kid's face light up when he looks at a picture of you and your husband.

Peyton is a pro at turning lights and ceiling fans on. He loves 'yanking the chain' on anything that you will let him reach. He also loves to open and close doors, although if he achieves closing it all the way it makes him made that he cannot swing it back open.

My baby is at such a fun stage when it comes to playing. He is beginning to play with little people and gets a big grin whenever I pretend that they are kissing him or talking to him. He loves banging on drums and is beginning to figure out puzzles. I would say his two favorite activities are reading and throwing ball. He will hand me books constantly and likes to flip the pages. He usually gets about halfway through a 5 page book and then closes it and hands it to me to start again. :) He will play ball with himself -  throwing and then crawling to catch it, but definitely loves having a partner to play with him. :) Peyton also is beginning to figure out how to put puzzle pieces back together instead of just taking them apart. Oh and he calls people all the time on his phones.

Let's see, what else is going on with him. He now has 5 teeth although you still can't see the top three very well. He doesn't watch much TV, but when we do let him (for the 5 minutes he sits still) he is just so cute. He can feed himself with a spoon. Oh, and he loves Hiro... except when he doesn't. :)  Shew, this kid is learning new things every day! Drew and I are thrilled to be called his parents!!


It's getting more and more difficult...

 To take monthly pictures of this little man. He is a busy bee! Also, I know these are almost a month late. I received an message the last time I tried to upload pictures saying I had to pay so I didn't upload any but then couldn't figure out how pay later. Anyway, I randomly tried it and it worked today. So here they are, his 10 month pictures at almost 11 months. :)


Decorating for his first Christmas

 We were so excited to set up our tree for Christmas since it is Peyton's first. He sure is a curious fellow. It took us two days to decorate since his nap time kept getting in the way but it was worth the weight. He loves looking at it and yanking the ornaments off the tree. We put the nonbreakable ones towards the bottom and don't mind if he takes them off. Since he is learning to throw right now, he enjoys watching the balls bounce around. He basically plays fetch with himself. ;) Daddy helped him put the star on this year, but it won't be long until he can do it!

 He also promptly broke an ornament while we were putting them on the tree.. This one apparently did not get put up high enough! Whoops!