Family Time

 That's what our long weekend consisted of - lots and lots of family time with a little bit of friend time in the mix. Thursday I started off getting a massage thanks to Mother's Day and Birthday gifts from Peyton and Teal. That was 90 minutes of pure bliss. I HIGHLY recommend every new momma to go get one. The time away in quiet is fabulous! We then met some friends to see Avengers. Two thumbs up from this family!! Peyton enjoyed time with grandparents and we so appreciate the help!

Friday we time shopping, because Drew's birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket. Saturday we relaxed, took naps, and spent the evening with Grammy D and Papaw.  Sunday was another day of rest and errands because we desperately needed to make a Kroger and Sams run! I also summoned on Nay Nay to come watch Peyton because I made the mistake of grabbing the wrong end of the curling iron before church. A burn on 4 fingers makes taking care of my little man a tad difficult. Thankfully only one spot blistered, and it was really minor.

Today, on this wonderful Memorial Day we headed out to a Red Sox game because they were playing the Hillcats which are the Braves affiliates. We met up with the Klieners, SamShe, and Kaehlen and almost made it through the whole game. Ball park food, slushees and ice cream cones were consumed to deal with the heat, but the two kiddos just couldn't fall asleep in their sweat. I don't blame them! P was asleep as soon as we were leaving the park (I guess the breeze of moving helped). Thankfully he came home with 0 sunburn, although I can't say the same for Drew and I.  More resting commenced, and then Drew made us yummy steak with corn on the cob and rolls. Perfection I say!! Now we're ending the night with kettle corn and you guessed it, relaxation. Drew's been opening pools the past couple weeks so he definitely deserved the break and me, well I take care of an infant all day every day! ;)

Oh, in case you were wondering, yes that is a hickie and no that is not from my husband. It's from my son.  He just loves giving me kisses, but that often includes sucking on my cheek/chin and well, let's just say I didn't notice it fast enough! I sure do love his big hugs and kisses... well worth the awkwardness of a bruise on my cheek!

I hope y'alls weekend was as relaxing and fun as ours! I'm so grateful for so many men and women who have given their lives so that we can be free!!


4 months

 I feel like this month was a huge one for Mr. Peyton. Yes, we traveled and partied a lot, but he also had some big milestones in our book.

He can take his paci out of his mouth and occasionally get it back in. He eats everything! Fingers. Blankets. Stuffed animals. Toys. Teethers. Hair. Shoulders. Noses. He's not picky although we try to avoid him sucking on everyone's unwashed fingers... who knows where they've been. Unfortunately he doesn't taste a difference so it's a tad difficult. 

He gives us big 'hugs' by grabbing around our necks tight (usually with a fistful of my hair) and 'kisses' by sucking my chin or cheek. I love the slobbery goodness!

He is so close to rolling over. Some say not to hurry and help them learn to do stuff like that, but we are because we love celebrating our sweet baby's accomplishments!

He's still eating well although we had a minor setback during the beach, I think we have got it under control.

He recognizes his name.
Peyton loves to play with blankets, toys, his play mat, exersaucer, BOUNCY SEAT, and swing. His favorites are his vibrating lion and his taggy blanket. 

He is beginning to find his feet. They get in the air easily, but he is still working on how to grab them.

He grunts and talks a lot and smiles all the time. I don't think he has met a stranger.

His face lights up every time he sees daddy... with. out. fail. 

He loves to... pinch. and pull hair. ouch!
This month his has met many new people who loved him from before he was born.

He had his first beach trip, sat through 2 college graduations, attended 1 wedding, snuggled with too many people to count, and played with 3 friends (Noah, Turin, & Kaehlen). He also is excited to announce his friend Caleb will be born in October... YAY! 

Mommy and Daddy are excited about his 4 month checkup next week so we can see how big he's getting! He sure seems like he's growing like a weed! Peyton isn't as thrilled since he will be getting more shots. :(

We sure do love you big boy. A little more every day!


Happy 24th Daddy!

This guy turned a year older this week! Drew celebrated his 24th birthday on Monday and we just loved celebrating him! Unfortunately we had to work (or fortunately depending how you look at it, we needed the moolah) we shared gifts and then had a cookout with some wonderful friends. We were too busy eating yummy steak and green beans and rolls and salads and cupcakes, to take any pictures. We were also introduced to Duck Dynasty which happens to be HI-larious and tried our hand at Taboo. My team lost, but at least we had fun doing it! :)

Drew you are an amazing Dad and a fabulous Hubby. Peyton and I are so grateful that you were born and we can't wait to see where this coming year takes us. WE LOVE YOU!


Happy 50th!

 Drew's mom (MawMaw) celebrated the big 5-0 this past Friday! We celebrated by cooking her chicken parmesan and a pound cake, strawberries and cool whip (that turned out yummy, but no where close to done. My oven deceived me.) It's so nice to just hang out with the family with no real agenda. She looks pretty good for 50 doesn't she!?!? Happy birthday!


I will go

I Will Go

Give me ears to hear Your Spirit
Give me feet to follow through
Give me hands to touch the hurting
And the faith to follow You

Give me grace to be a servant
Give me mercy for the lost
Give me passion for Your glory
Give me passion for the cross

And I will go where there are no easy roads
Leave the comforts that I know
I will go and let this journey be my home
I will go
I will go

I'll let go of my ambition
Cut the roots that run too deep
I will learn to give away
What I cannot really keep
What I cannot really keep

Help me see with eyes of faith
Give me strength to run this race

I will go Lord where Your glory is unknown
I will live for You alone
I will go because my life is not my own
I will go
I will go
I will go


He is the Lord's

Since Drew and I saw that pregnancy test stating we were pregnant with our dear Peyton, we knew he wasn't ours. We are fully aware that God gives us every precious gift, without Him we are nothing. Because of that, we are amazed that God chose us to take care of Peyton, for however long or short he chooses. Mother's Day (one week shy of a year from when we found out we were pregnant last year) we publicly shared that mindset that Peyton is not ours but rather God's with our church family. We dedicated Him to the Lord, praying that he will follow Him all the days of His life, and praying that Drew and I will train Peyton exactly how God wants Him to be. We sure are glad that Peyton is in His hands, and not ours!

That alone was the perfect first Mother's Day. We also spent the afternoon with our dear friends the Kings and Hayes'. As a result, Drew, Peyton and I had dinner together on Tuesday night and Drew rented a girly movie for us to watch. He also gave me an upgrade for a massage gift card I already had, which mean twice the amount of time for a wonderful Swedish massage next week.


Snuggle Time

Peyton is extremely blessed. I think I have mentioned that before, but I realize it more every day. He has people all over the world that love him, even if they have never met him. He was able to meet his Houston and Cinci friends this past weekend, and also had some snuggle time with Roanoke friends. I loved being able to relax with these precious friends without a long agenda... I can't wait until Patrick and Taylor's wedding so that we can do it again!

Willie knew just how to make Peyton laugh. He cracked up every time he saw Willie. Mom said Peyton just knew that he was supposed to love Willie like I do! :)


First Beach Trip

I sure do love my little family. The beach was super windy, and cold at times but i just love the feel of sand in my toes... and so did Peyton. Although Peyton had sand stuck between his toes and may have irritated them, I hear baby powder works at getting rid of sand but I didn't bring any with me... maybe next time! Nothing better than napping by the sea. 


Bryan's graduation!

 Congratulations Bryan!! We're so proud of you!


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hunsley

 Drew's brother Bryan got married this past week. We headed to Virginia Beach to celebrate with the happy couple. Peyton did great for his first long road trip considering we drove at bedtime and he slept the whole time! :) We rented a house with the Hunsleys, hung out by the beach and pool, slept in, got Mani/pedis and ate well. ;) Let's just say much cheese cake, mashed potatoes, steak, and chocolate covered strawberries were consumed. YUM.

 Peyton did great during the ceremony. This was his reaction for most of it. He is a HUGE fan of chewing on his fingers these days!
 It rained during the ceremony so we had it under a pavilion, but it was still a fun wedding and Sarah looked stunning!

 Who knew that sparklers were illegal at Virginia Beach?? Not the groom, so he went out and bought glow sticks as an alternative. Peyton was a fan!

 What is it about Hunsley boys that make us girls want to shove cake in their face?? :)
Congrats to the happy couple!