Sibling Love

These two love each other - even though sometimes Peyton prefers to show love from a distance. Either way, I'm so glad they get to grow up together. So precious... and check out those double chins!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Snowstorm 2014

 We were downright giddy when we heard there was going to be snow this past week. I haven't caught myself at the window watching for snow to fall in years - until Wednesday. The first few flakes were wonderful... and then I started to be ungrateful when it turned into tiny flakes around 3 inches... Shame on me because by morning we had around 7 and ended up with around 10 on our back deck. Some people in Mount Airy said we got 15 inch... I don't really care about the exact measurements but I was grateful. I love snow days. I love the peaceful feeling, the quietness when you're playing outside. This year I had the added bonus of sharing the excitement with Peyton! Drew and I loved being able to take him outside to play while sweet Sadie snoozed.

Peyton was hesitant to sled, although by Saturday he loved it! He loved throwing the snow in the air, walking through it, shoveling with Dada, and once we started building a snowman his favorite thing was to destroy the balls that we were trying to create. I loved watching the joy on his face with every tiny new discovery!

We played outside a lot, drank a ton of hot chocolate ( he has to be the one to stir it and put the marshmallows in it... can I just say that a watched hot chocolate never cools - unless there are ice cubes involved. :) )

Drew and I also decided that 4 days with no agenda would be a great time to officially start potty training. He has been going at least once or twice a day (including pooping twice which is the hard part!) for months, but we have been so busy with a new baby and holidays that we haven't gotten serious about it. He is definitely ready to start so this weekend was the time! And so far he is doing great!

Sadie decided to pop some teeth through this past week. She has her two bottom ones and is still drooling hard, so I'm thinking another one isn't too far behind. Slow down already missy!

All in all we had a fabulous couple of days 'snowed in'!!


Sadie girl is 4 months!

 Oh baby girl you have been so much fun this month! Your personality is coming out in full force! You are smiley - especially when you mama, daddy, or bubba look at you. You cackle, and we just discovered that if you tickle your face with your feet you get the biggest 'kick' out of that! :) You also grunt, LOUDLY, like a man really. It's amusing, especially when it's because you're happy and not because you are about to blow out a diaper - WHICH you do at least once a day right now... ew.

Sadie you are drooling like CRAZY which means its only a matter of time before those teeth come through! You can fit your whole fist in your mouth which acts as a pretty good teether. You also have a random quirk of quivering your mouth randomly. I like it because it reminds me of your sweet Mamaw.

I guess the biggest accomplishment for you is that you rolled over on February 4th. Oh boy did it make you maaaad! We're still pretty proud of you. Also if I didn't know that you were only 4 months old I would say you would sit yourself up soon. Your ab muscles are amazing, keep doing those crunches!

You sleep pretty well these days. Only waking up once or twice to eat in between 10-8. I kinda enjoy those snuggles. :) You're still sleeping in the co-sleeper at night and your crib during the day, but daddy wants to move you to your crib all the time. I'm having a hard time wanting that because I don't get to snuggle you enough during the day since Peyton takes up my attention. So you will probably stay in our room as long as you fit in the co-sleeper. Shhh don't tell Daddy.When you nap, you prefer for me to put you down instead of rocking you to sleep. That makes me sad. :( Also, if you wake up before you're ready, you scream... the paci usually settles you back down.

You just love your brother, and although he has started getting jealous of you lately, he still loves to take care of you. He gets mad if I give you your paci because 'Bubba do it'. He gets so giddy when you wake up and has to jump in bed with you and wave.

My dear Sadie your favorite toys are your play mat and your johnny jump up. You go crazy on those things! Which is wonderful since when you are held you like to be standing - which is slightly exhausting for me!

We sure do love you. Thanks for being such a great kid!


Peyton's 'Stee & Woe' Birthday!

We had a party on Saturday with so many wonderful friends and family. I am just amazed at how blessed my little boy (and girl) are and how people will drive two hours to hang out with this 2 year old cutie! We had pizza and cupcakes and colored and played 'fetch' and gave hugs and had 'blue' drink and opened presents and partied hard! Thanks everyone for making it a special day for my boy!