Ahhndru Pey-in

"Peyton what's your name?" "Ahhndru Pey-in!" Well that's close bud. We'll take it. :)

It has been way too long since I've talked about what a wonderful little boy you are... so this is going to be a long rambling post on how much we love everything about your 2 1/2 year old self! 

Peyton, YOU are my sweet, snuggly boy. You still need to play with my hair when you are sleepy, or scared, or sad, or watching TV, or well, randomly throughout the day.You still like to be carried, especially in unfamiliar places because you are so shy! Peyton you take your time warming up to people but then you show everyone your crazy side. I am totally fine with you being a Mama's boy, and I'm glad Daddy and I are your safe place. You take your 'babies' everywhere which includes Buzz, Woody, Elmo, Teddy Roar(Drew's stuffed bear from when he was little), Blue, Mickey, Donald, Rex, and Cookie Monster; and you also love your blanket which he calls 'sankset' and your beloved pacis.

You insist on praying at bedtime, and remind us if we forget at meals.Speaking of meals you are becoming opinionated about what you eat, and prefer chocolate milk and anything unhealthy over the healthy options. Thankfully we still have some 'go to' yummy and healthy options but they are getting slim.

Oh the things that you say, and the way that you say them!
- 'woo hoo' when you get excited.
- 'Mama, Mama, WIWI!' 'Dada, Dada, DRUUU'
- 'pup' instead of cup
- 'silly Bubba' 'silly mama' - whenever you do something wrong, like when you put the puzzle piece in the wrong spot, forget something, or say something incorrectly.
- 'tweet tweet' (bird) 'sssss' (snake) - you still say animal noises instead of saying most of the names of animals.
- 'happy dada' - or whoever is having a birthday or party... he said happy dada after Father's Day
'got you ___' running and hugging our leg
'Aww MAAN' - whenever you don't like something or mess up
'Yummy Belly Belly' I taught you that food was 'yummy yummy in your belly' instead of tummy and that's what you took from it
'shark, dun nun, dun nun' (you love when your hair sticks up in the bath)

You are getting so big! You haven't taken daily naps since June, although we try to get you to take one on church days. When you were taking them you slept for around 3 hours every day and wouldnt go to sleep until 10 or later. that doesn't work when you can't go to sleep without me snuggling with you. I LOVE snuggle time at bedtime but I was laying in bed for an hour or more and Mama and Dada didn't have any time to hang out before bed. Now you and I just have rest time during the day and you are ready for bed by 7:30. It works best for all of us! 

You are the epitome of a kid who stays at home. You LOVE wearing your pajamas all day and unless we go out I don't bother fighting with you over it. I'm glad you can stay comfy. When you do get dirty or wet  while playing outside we take your clothes off but then you'll run around naked the rest of the day because that's\ your next choice. ;)

You were potty trained super quick and already rarely have accidents. We keep you in diapers at night since we still had some, but it is almost always dry the next morning. 

You are my OCD child. Peyton you insist on wearing socks to sleep. You dress yourself even when you don't match... wearing ties, PJs and your rain boots are a favorite of mine. You are opinionated about doing things your way - we know not to move your babies or play-doh or whatever else you have lined up a certain way. When you read books you occasionally want to play with the balls or animals on the pages and gets frustrated they aren't real.

You are so smart! You can identify all of your ABC's since you were about 28 months, although you call them your 'AB ABs'. You draw... a lot! You love shapes and drawing people. He can put together a 25 piece puzzle in minutes. You cant count to 10 but usually skip 7 & 8. That's progress considering a month ago you were still saying '2 8 8' instead of '1 2 3'.

You love watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - which you call "Roar" and Blue's Clues. Occasionally you add 'Wyatt' - which is Superwhy - to the mix.You love helping with laundry, drawing, play doh, painting, hide and seek, and jumping off of our bed onto a pile of couch cushions. You love chalk, sliding, bubbles, playing with rocks, golf, playing with water, and pretty much anything else involving being outside. Being tickled is also a favorite activity of yours, along with building towers.

You are definitely two. Sadie is testing your patience with sharing but you are trying hard to find something else for her to play with if she tries to take your toys. You have your disobedient moments but I am so thankful they are quick and you seem to be learning. I understand you are figuring out how to respond to situations and hope that we have shown you patience and love while guiding you to love and obey us and Jesus.

10 months!

Our Sweet, Spastic, Sadie how you keep us on our toes! You light up our lives with your crazy antics. You are outgoing and energetic and your smile is so contagious! Sadie Elisabeth you will go to  anyone to light up their day but when you see Mama or Daddy you quickly return. ;) While you haven't been nearly as snugly as your brother, you are starting to cuddle when your sleepy which melts this Mama's heart! Physical touch is crucial for you, because while you don't stay still long, you love getting those quick hugs in between your twists and jumps. You also reach out your hand towards anyone that is looking at you - hoping they give you their finger to hold.

Your quirkiness makes you uniquely you and I laugh with you all day long. You stick your tongue out and pant like a dog. When we pick you up from your crib you kick your legs with anticipation. Sadie you stick shake your head vigorously and cackle when I try to get you to sign 'all done' - which you've done a few times. You suck your lips a lot, and also blow raspberries. Strangely, you still love to suck on your big toe. Oh, if you are well rested you are so strong! You face plant and 'bonk' your head on things and it doesn't phase you!

Sadie, you're growing like crazy! You are already in a lot of 18-24 mo clothes, although some 12 mo still fits you... it's those thighs I tell you! They make me so happy! You got your 8th tooth and are drooling like there may be more coming. You my dear, are cruising the furniture and crawling like a madwoman. You can stand for a second or two so it's only a matter time before you take off on those chubby legs of yours. :)

You love to eat, all the time! There isn't anything you have tried that you don't like. You take two naps around 10 and 3 and sleep from 8-8... BUT you still wake up at least twice, sometimes more. I do cherish those snuggles though! You are a burrower and have to have all your blankets around you. I love that you take your blankets/taggie everywhere, and even though you like your paci, your blankets are your favorite! :)

Sadie Lady we love your super blue eyes, your chubby round cheeks, and your wonderful ears. We love every roll that you have, but most of all, we love your outgoing personality that we are so excited to see used to share Jesus with others one day!