Sadie's first 'snow'

 Well, we've had our first two snows down here in Mount Airy and while we shouldn't complain since it did sorta cover most of the ground, they were still pretty wimpy. Thankfully our kids are young enough that one doesn't care, and for the other, a little goes a long way.

The first snow, Drew had to go to church, and Sadie was asleep so my little buddy and I got to go out and play.

 Earlier in the day, we drew these... that night we had snow. Crazy weather.

What is a snow day night without some hot chocolate... he is my boy after all! 

The second snow, Sadie was wide awake but it was quiet frigid, so Drew took Peyton out and we looked on from the inside.


We did step outside to get a 'first snow' picture. Love these two! Drew built a fire but it was too chilly to stay out more than a few minutes... maybe we'll do more this spring! :)


Splish Splash I was takin' a bath

 One of the fun parts of having a sibling is having someone to play in the bathtub with... Peyton discovered this last week.

I asked if he wanted baby in the tub with him and he was quick to make room. He just loved having someone else to pour water on.

All was well until he got water from the faucet - COLD water- and dumped it on top of her before we could stop him. It resulted in Sadie jumping and crying... and ultimately ending bath time fun.

Now Peyton always asks for baby, and usually gets what he wants - although we try to encourage him to dump warm water and not cold!

He also has been big into being a 'baby' after baths. He wants to be cradled in his towel, and watch blue's clues.
 I'm a pretty big fan of having 'baby' Peyton for as long as possible!


Where did these 2 years go???

My dear baby boy,

You're two years old! I can't believe it, and yet I can because you have been growing and learning so much lately! I could not be prouder of the little boy you are turning out to be. You are so sweet natured and are the most snugly thing ever! You share most of the time, and are kind most of the time, and obey most of the time. :)

Peyton your heart is tender, and while you still have to go to time-out occasionally - some weeks more than others - you are usually quick to say your sorry. Your version of saying sorry is hugging, because you don't know how to say it yet.

We figured you would start exploding with words around your second birthday and boy were we right! Right around Christmas you decided that trying to repeat what we said was valuable to you, and as a result we have heard so many words this past month!

bubba(what you call yourself), bowl, bie (bye), hi, high, ball, cup, ju (juice), car,baybay, bah (bath), mama, dada, nay nay, cookay (cookie), cracka, ha (hat), deh (dead- lovely I know, it's in reference to a phone or toy not working), baybay(baby), Mawmaw, Papaw, Dadaddy, Momar, kaykay(pancake), bahbah (basketball), Lala(Lydia/Lilly Ruth), Gah (gas),caykey (candy)

You also still sign for more, all done, thank you, please, I love you (Crosses your arms across your chest), paci/drink (sticks your fingers in your mouth),

For most everything else you still do your famous 'guh guh' which is you trying to talk but it getting stuck somewhere in your throat. ;) I sure do love that sweet quirk.

Your comforts are still your milk, paci and playing with hair. You make me take my ponytail out if you are sleepy or just want to snuggle a few minutes. I'm once again sorry I cut your hair too short a few months ago - which resulted in you not sleeping great which I can only assume is from you not having your hair long enough to play with. That is definitely your substitute for a favorite blanket. Speaking of blankets, you used to kick them off of you when we tried to cover you up, but now you have embraced the wonderful feeling of being cozy and like ALL your blankets on you when you sleep. 

You love so many things it's hard to name them all... drawing is still very much a favorite, along with reading books. You love being able to play CDs in your room, building towers that are so high you have to climb on a stool to keep building. Peyton, outside is your favorite place to be - well besides being in one of our cars pretending to drive. Playing with the light switches, Sliding, Basketball, golfing, keys, pretending to direct a choir, having daddy spin you around or tickle you are all favorite hobbies. :) I love the way you sign 'more' whenever Dada spins or tickles you. You have several favorite YouTube videos including '7 ways to discipline your child' 'Usher's ABC song' and 'What I am' by Will.I.Am. Your favorite shows are Elmo and Blues Clues.

Peyton you are so blessed that Daddy's job gives you so many admires that want to play with you. There is never a shortage of entertainment from the kids/teens at the church. When you aren't around them, you have Audrey, Owen, Norah, Kaehlen, Lilly Ruth, Lydia, Gracie, Luke, Elijah, and Isaiah to play with you. I love that you have gotten a tad more independent from your mama because I sure do like watching you interact with your peers!

You learned how to flip over this month and are so proud of yourself for that! Oh, and everyone should be aware that if someone stands up they are sure to get their seat stolen by you crazy boy. That just tickles you to death! :) 

Baby you are so good with your little sister and are concerned when she is crying. Whether she's happy or upset you are so patient, and love getting her paci, bottle, an abundance of toys, or help burp her. I love that you love to hold her, and that you also have a special thing for your cousin Norah. That makes my heart happy.

Mr. independent has emerged - so much so that you get mad if we do things that you want to do (ie.  turn off baby's bouncy seat, shut doors, close lids, tie shoes, etc...).

You have been going to the potty for a couple months now, but it's on your terms. If you aren't in the mood for m&ms then you say you don't need to go. This past week you have gone multiple times a day and we are so proud of you for that! You have begun to dress yourself as well which is thoroughly amusing - your shirt is usually inside out and your legs go in the same hole every time. You're getting it though!

You are my goober. You are Daddy's Bubba. You are such a wonderful boy and we couldn't be prouder to call your our son. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!