10 months

Oh sweet Peyton how you keep your mama and daddy on their toes! :) It has been a crazy month but you have adjusted amazingly!! You are the sweetest, most patient baby I have ever met. Even when you are tired or overwhelmed, you are still just as smiley and content as you could be. :) You have been super clingy through all of this moving from place to place and having big brown things (boxes) strewn all over your house, but you make the most of it, exploring as long as your mommy is near. :)

This month we have started to say 'no' to you and you are not a fan. I promise that it is for your protection that we don't want you to stick your fingers in outlets or chew on wires. I know you love playing with your turtle night light - but you are going to be sad when you break it! Right now you laugh when we tell you no, but we are working on it!

You love to feed yourself... and make a mess doing it! Bread is your new favorite this month, but you also love cheese, goldfish, applesauce, sweet potatoes, and yogurt. Thankfully you still love your milk as well - not to mention your straw sippy cups.

Peyton I love your adventurous streak, watching you roam around the house - opening cabinets, playing in toilets, unrolling toilet paper, sucking on windows, and reaching high for the ceiling fans. You are a smart little boy and I am sure you will be walking before you are one. You are such a big boy trying to stand on your own - although failing after a second or two - and cruising around everything! Although you're brave, you are still cautious when you go from standing to sitting. I have never seen a baby ease down with such caution...

You still wake up a lot during the night, which I'm assuming is due to all the changes... so mommy and daddy are patient with you. Just beware, the day is coming where we will have to change that! I love that you have to have your feet propped up when I rock you to sleep, and the long, sighing noises you make when you're super exhausted make this mama's heart happy.

My dear son you sure do talk a lot... and LOUD. Daddy and I are pretty sure you've said 'mama' a couple times but your favorite is definitely 'gaaa gaaa'. Diaper changes are a chore because you LOVE being naked - bath times sure are fun these days aren't they buddy?? :) Oh and we can't forget the love you have for Hiro. Especially for uses as a step stool and the mouth open kisses you give him. (I try not to look at that. YUCK!)

Never a dull moment I tell  you. We wouldn't want it any other way!!

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footie pjs

there are no words


an update of the crazy

We're here! We have actually been in North Carolina since last Wednesday but we have been shuffling through the boxes, emotions, school work, family, meeting new friends and getting to know the area. There was also some sleeping, although I am not sure I will ever feel that it is enough.

First off I want to say Oakland has been so kind and supportive through this process! We were overwhelmed with all of the hugs, prayers and gifts before we left. It was so encouraging to hear we will be missed but they wanted what was best for us. We will definitely miss our church family, and are grateful we are only a couple hours away. We also got several promises to come visit so I'm holding them to it!!

Moving is new to me. I've moved houses many times, but never my hometown (besides college of course). It is definitely going to be an adjustment, and sad at times, but we are so excited to see how God is going to use us here. We have seen Him working in so many ways through this transitional time that we can't wait to see what he has for us!

We have not met a stranger yet. Everyone at Highland Park Baptist is so friendly and wanting to help make this an easy transitional time for us. Even though we have only visited twice prior to moving here, we already felt like we were part of their family. Sunday night we had a Thanksgiving service where we had food and people shared what they were thankful for. I loved seeing this part of the church. They were praising God for all sorts of things but I kept seeing the common theme of being thankful for what God is doing - not what they are doing. Highland Park is growing. They are seeing many salvations, but they acknowledge it is nothing they are doing but what God is doing through them. THAT is exciting. Drew and I are excited to be apart of it.

We also got 'pounded' on Sunday night - where people brought us household goods to stock our pantry. Wow did they!! I think we could make it a year on all the corn and toilet paper we received. :)

A couple in the church is allowing us to stay in their basement apartment until we found our new home. It has been so kind of them and is a great cozy space. :) We are so grateful for this, although are looking for an apartment of our own. I think we will feel less in transition when we set up our house somewhere. We are actually looking at a couple places this evening and then will probably have a decision made by tomorrow.

Peyton is adjusting fairly well. It was a rough couple days but he has slept through the night the past two nights so we are hopeful. He is a huge reason we want to get our own place on the earlier end. Boxes and new places have been way too 'normal' for him lately and we want him settled at home. He of course has a smile through all the crazy... except when he doesn't. HA

So all in all things have gone well. We have been trying to get school done (we are in week 5 of 8) and spend some time together, just breathing. It sure has been a whirlwind of a month but God is right beside us so we can get through anything!


packing the important things...

I think we will take him with us!


ruff ruff

Our Peyton was a puppy dog on Sunday and Wednesday nights for both Oakland and Lakeside's fall festivals. :) He played  about 3 games and won candy for mama and daddy. :) He only did well in the games were you picked up duckies or balls because he just wanted to stick the balls in his mouth for the toss games. It was a lot of fun to catch up with friends and eat yummy foods!