It's That Time Again

 Cream Puff for breakfast? These two wanted to dig in as soon as I got to work that morning!

 "Those flowers are pretty Kari!" "I know Kylee, you gave them to me, thank you!" "Yes!"
 "Shh... I need to tell you a secret!"
My Nanniversary. I have been so blessed to work with these two for two years now. Granted, it has been more difficult through my pregnancy, but they have been great! We still have lots of fun and adventures, but thankfully they don't need to be carried around! I sure will miss them when I have Peyton, but they are loving school so I think they will adjust pretty well!!


My best friend...

has relieved many pains this pregnancy! Thank you to whoever invented that wonderful white goop!


passing is the key

School has started once again. 8 more weeks. Philosophy and Genesis. I do NOT think philosophically, even a little bit. I am scared I might put off my homework every week. Drew is taking Systematic Theology. It's a toughy.We WILL complete this course. And Pass. And celebrate when we're done. Maybe I'll have a baby as a pat on the back for a job well done.


fall drive

 Last Saturday was a perfect drive up to Covington. Leaves changing, sun shining, not to hot, not to cold, it was pure bliss.

 We went to a fall festival type thing in downtown Clifton Forge with the Lomasneys and Kleiners. There may have been some goofing off, ice cream, yummy cheese steaks, lots of walking, and concluded with Brandon cooking a yummy dinner which ended with a homemade apple pie. It was also the first time I had tried deer meat. That was, in my opinion, a perfect way to spend a Saturday!


Kaehlen Michelle Lomasney

Drew and I have a wonderful friendship with Brandon and Samshe. Samshe delivered her precious baby girl yesterday (10-18-11). This sweet girl is 7 pounds 15 ounces and is just perfect. Samshe and I just know that Kaehlen and Peyton will be the best of friends!

Birthday Days

Growing up we have always thoroughly celebrated birthdays. It isn't just a day where at the end of it we have dinner and eat cake with family. It is a group of days where lots of cake is consumed and much hanging out occurs. It makes me happy. Drew and I have already decided that birthdays deserve to be super special times. We have already figured out a budget for birthdays for our family, and they are bigger than our Christmas budgets. Because birthdays are about that person, Christmas is about our Jesus!!

DAY 1:
Started last Thursday when Drew decided he just HAD to give me a present early. Gifts are his thing, and the fact he bought them ahead of time cause the secret to drive. him. crazy. I love him for it.

DAY 2:
My mom and I started a tradition many years ago where instead of buying presents for me, she took me shopping. She told me the budget and I was able to get whatever I wanted. It included a meal and just spending uninterrupted time with her. This year I had Thursday off, so we headed out and it was just as great as it always was.

That evening, as you already know, we have bible study on Thursday nights, and this week Drew took me to Chick Fil A where we met up with Christine and ate dinner. Then to a movie where the 3 of us met up with Lewis. After that we devoured a delicious cookie dough ice cream cake at Coldstone with Starr.YUM-O

DAY 3: 
My husband, the ever-eager gift giver, decided that midnight, right when it turned my birthday would be the perfect time to open my presents. So I did and it was wonderful. I kept the card that he hand-made for me until that morning. ;) It was worth the wait, he is a sweetie. (Yes, this sweetie also captured me in pain due to Peyton... I am afraid the look below is a fairly normal occurrence in this household.)

I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, so while a big mouse did NOT sing to me, I thought it was pretty amusing I was spending my 24th birthday there. :)

The evening included some homework wrap up, as today is the last day of the 8 weeks.  Then we headed to Shakers to have dinner with my dad and Dreama. Delicious, relaxing, and nice. I was stuffed!

We ended the evening at Target, where we ran into two of our favorite people (The Maxwells) and ended up chatting with them a good while. I love them.

DAY 4: 
My grandma always cooks a meal every week, but makes a big deal out of it anytime it is a Farmer's birthday. We get to pick the menu and cake and all be together. I'm a fan. :) This Sunday lunch we had a great meal for mine and Audrey's birthdays, and then we had a baby shower for baby Peyton which was equally wonderful. ;) Lets just say a TON of sugar was consumed, along with snuggles and some great gifts that make me excited to have Peyton in my arms!

The End. I think. I would say that was a successful 24th birthday. Oh, and I found out tonight we have a week in between classes. So I have this week to relax and catch up with some random house stuff before I start my Genesis and Philosophy classes. oh joy.


Action Shots

I spent time on two separate weekends taking pictures for the Botetourt Sports Complex. Here are some of the shots...


Double Dates [48]

Drew and I are huge fans of double dates. We have been pretty consumed with school lately, but last week we were blessed to have dates with two very special couples. 

We sure do love the Wamplers. We met them at Buffalo Wild Wings and then headed to see their lovely new apartment, complete with birthday cake. Hey we love chocolate and Carrie and I have birthday exactly 1 month from each other. I sure am excited at what God is doing in Bennett and Carrie's life, and I'm super thankful that Carrie has been a part of my life since kindergarten!!

That was last Monday. Then on Friday we tried the pumpkin patch again with the Kleiners. Sure do wish the Lomasney's lived in town so they could try again with us, but they live in Covington. Anyway, we spent the evening goofing off with Lewis and Christine. Hayride, Corn Maze (which consisted of lots of corn being thrown at each other), animal petting, and kettle corn purchasing. :) Then we went to Bellacinos, and ended the night with some yummy Coldstone.

The Kleiners' love for Jesus can't help but coming up in conversation every time we get together and we are always so encouraged hanging out with them! I'd say it was a good date week. ;)


I know He's here.

 I think most people who know God have their special moment. You know, that one moment that happens randomly you can just really feel God?? I really don't think I'm crazy. When some people see a sunset, they KNOW that God gave that as a reminder to them personally that HE. IS. THERE. with them. Others see it in the rain, a rainbow, first flowers of spring, the ocean, bugs, waterfalls, etc... 

My "Moment" is when I drive or walk through a street/path that is lined with trees and the sun is shining through. When the shade is cool but random sun spots peak through. It's best in the fall, because the leaves changing add to the perfect picture. Any time I'm in that scene I feel my Jesus. It's like He give me a hug and says "I'm spending this day with you. I want you to enjoy and wonder in my creation." It's a feeling difficult to describe, but I LOVE it! :) Capturing it on camera is difficult, but I tried to snap a few this morning.

"I Know You're There"

If all I had was one last breath
I'd spend it just to sing Your praise
Just to say Your name
If all I had was one last prayer
I'd pray it 'cause I know You're always listening
If I could live a thousand lives, bind the hands of time
I would spend every moment by Your side

'cause I, I know You're there, I know You see me
You're the air I breathe
You are the ground beneath me
I know You're there, I know You hear me
I can find You anywhere

If all I had was one more song to sing
I would raise a noise to make the heavens 
If all I had was one last chance, I'd take it
 I would stake it all on You

If I could raise up high and catch a glimpse of every eye
I would make them believe
What I feel inside

If I could live a thousand lives and bind the hands of time
If I could rise up high and catch a glimpse of every eye

I know You're there


What was supposed to be a trip to the pumpkin patch...

 Drew and I host a bible study at our house on Thursday nights. It has fluctuated over the year and right now it is just three couples: the Kleiners, Lomasneys, and Hunsley. We have been doing the The Elephant Room, which is a DVD series where several well-known pastors get together and talk through issues that the church has. David Platt, James McDonald, Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll and Greg Laurie get together and just talk about the differences in churches today and how they view them as helpful/useless to reach the lost. We watch the video and discuss our thoughts throughout the video.

Anyway, that's what we usually do. This Thursday Christine suggested we go to the pumpkin patch. GREAT idea... if it was open on Thursdays. Whoops.

 We ended up stopping on the side of 460 and buying pumpkins. Then headed over to the Kleiners to carve them.

 We thoroughly enjoy goofing off, and had a great time! Texas Steakhouse, carving pumpkins, pumpkin pie, coffee/hot chocolate, and a little game time makes for a fabulous evening! Who needs the actual pumpkin patch??
 us (Hunsleys)
 We are so blessed to have so many friends that love God and being goofy. :)