Okay, Spring is officially here,,, or so I thought.

 Last week Drew and I had some visitors come over to our house for a cookout! Mom and Audrey came over while Drew cooked hamburgers and we officially started the warm weather celebrations! Little did we know that a short week later we would have snow on the ground. Nevertheless we had a great time. Drew built a fire although we didn't get to enjoy it too much before my allergies were shot. It was such a relaxing evening except for the constant getting up in order to assure my precious niece that Hiro (our dog) would not eat her. She used to love him, but I guess he seemed a little too playful that night because all we heard was 'itso kay? itso kay? itso kaaaayyy???'


Dare I relive this day...

I was looking through pictures I have taken throughout the house disaster, and figured I would post the process. It's coming along. slowly. We started painting the steps Saturday so once they are done the bulk stuff will be completed. Then all of the odds and ends need to be tied up. I keep seeing more and more little things that need to be done... but at least we aren't tripping over too many tools these days.



My God is Here

I have been reading through the book of Psalms... backwards. Don't ask me why because I couldn't tell ya. It isn't every day by any means, but whenever I read a Psalm during my time with God, I leave where I left off, from the end to the beginning. I reached chapter 66 and was amazed. These verses are my life. These are what I cling to, because I KNOW them to be true about how awesome my God is. (The name awesome is even used in this chapter for the name of God, which I think is very accurate to how I feel about Him.)


Through the greatness of Your power your enemies shall submit themselves to you.


Bless our God... [who] does not allow our feet to be moved.


We went through fire and through water, But you brought us out to rich fulfillment.


Come and hear, all you who fear God, And I will declare what He has done for my soul.


Who has not turned away my prayer, Nor His mercy from me! 

* The word of God is in italics.


It's not looking good...

*Sigh*   Welp, it isn't looking good for either one of our brackets due to the fact Duke lost Thursday night... I won't go into details, but our house was very somber last night, and someone was up extremely late (or earlier depending how you look at it) last night playing videos games to get his mind off of how poorly Duke played the second half. Okay, so I was up til almost 2 as well, but that is because I was bawling my eyes out while finishing Karen Kingsbury's book "Summer". Shesh it was depressing, and yet so encouraging spiritually it's just. plain. weird. ANYWAY, both of my teams I pick for the final game are out, so I REALLY need Kansas to lose, like now. Sorry Kansas but I want to pick our upcoming dates. Priorities here people!!

To be honest I am not really sure why I care so much about picking the dates. According to the rules that were in place, Drew only had to plan once a month, and I got to plan the rest unless he wanted to. So why have I not been taking advantage of that power??? It goes back to that thought on compromise ever since we got married. Drew and I used to take turns watching chick flicks/ horror/guy movies because well, I guess we were just so in love it didn't matter. Not that we aren't in love now, we just don't have to watch things we don't want to just to see the other person. Does that make sense? So I guess the same goes with the dates. Of course the main reason was that it was winter and dates are more difficult, but I think the other reason was that we compromised. We would do what we both liked, instead of taking turns doing what each other liked. Well, that's going to change. I'm not going to be that boring wife that won't do something because it's boring or dumb, I'm going to do it because I love him and he wants me to....

Even though I just confessed all of that, I still would rather do my dates first... So if I win, the plan right now is...

dancing lessons
breakfast at Tudor's Biscuit World and then going to all my cutsie shops, walking hand in hand downtown.. :)
painting our bathroom... again... because I hate the color yellow we painted it and have since we did it.
[side note: it occurred to me the other day that when we put our 'allowence' in the budget, we also put dating money in there as well. Which means we have an allotted amount to spend on dates. Which means the reason we didn't repaint was for money reasons, but if that's a date we can use that money. Hence why it is my date choice... that and it is the only way it will get done.]

If I loose...

Red Sox game against the Braves' team... I think they are the Pelicans?
Disc Golf, of course.
Brookside Golf.

Personally, I think that they all sound like a fun way to spend the spring together. YAY for being married to your best friend. It sure is grand.


God is worth serving, even through seemingly impossible situations

I have been challenged in many areas of my life lately and as a result the topic of serving Christ without wavering no matter what that means has been constantly coming to mind. 

I am called to follow Him. period. Whether times are going amazingly well, or times seem to be taking 'wrong turns' constantly, I am to be a bond-servant to Christ. I am to deny my self ( my personal motives, desires, and comforts) in order that God gets 100% of the glory in every situation I go through.

For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bond servant of Christ. * Galatians 1:10

 I was studying John last semester and the very last chapter talks about a personal conversation Jesus and Peter have. After Jesus basically telling Peter that his life will be hard and he will die because of his witness for Jesus, Peter looks over at John and says what about him?? Peter is concerned about what other people's life is going to look at. He wants to know if John is going to have to die for Jesus. Jesus simply says "What is it to you? YOU follow me!" Ouch. how many times is that us? How often do we look at what another person's calling is? We look as see how God is using them and wonder why God isn't using us in that way. That is not the point of being a Christ follower. We each have a unique plan mapped out for our lives that only God knows. We are to simply follow Him, no matter where that might lead!

It is hard to stand up for what you know is right. It is difficult to be disliked and disrespected and hated. Paul was beaten, mocked, stoned, shipwrecked. He knew that following Jesus wasn't going to be easy. but he knew....that God's love is worth fighting for.

"In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world!" - John 16

Drew and I were driving home for Winston-Salem last weekend while listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Love" CD. There is a song called "Moment made for worshipping." Some of the lyrics include....

"every moment that we live and breathe, this is a moment made for worshiping. From the rising of the sun, to the setting of the sun. The name of the Lord, is worthy to be praised."

Question is, are we finding reason to worship God every second of every day? He deserves that no matter what comes our way!


Date #34

We found rugs! and made a decision about our steps! and Drew bought a goofy t-shirt! It matches his personality perfectly!

We also went to dinner where we discussed the reason the swat team and so many police cars were at the mall. For those of you who weren't around, last week there were several calls that a suspicious man came in the mall with what looked like a gun... turns out it was a guy with an umbrella. Apparently he turned himself in when he saw the security tape that he was in fact the man that the police was looking for. Embarrassing! 

Productive errands +goofing off with your best friend + no rushing = success


Much needed time away

This past week, AKA 'spring break' AKA supposed to be relaxing AKA an emotional roller coaster, was crazy busy and crazy challenging thankfully, Friday we were able to head to Winston-Salem to help my sister and brother-in-law move into a wonderful new place. Friday Drew and I were able take that wonderful 2 hour drive to catch up with each other and refresh both our relationship to each other and encourage each other with our Jesus. During those 2 hours I did accidentally drop my i pod in a cup of kool aid. I know, why would there be an open cup of kool aid in my car? Dumb. I think that it survived the dunking, but it has a random message that pops up and takes awhile before it leaves the screen. It plays music though! Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous day for a drive and we went to the mall where we perused with no agenda.  
ahhh the bliss.

We were going to head to Chili's when the mall closed, but I received a "Are you going to be here in 30 minutes, because we will be home from seeing Barney, and your niece is very excited to see you." Who can resist that?? :) So we grabbed chick fil a and headed to snuggle my babies!

The next morning we weren't in a huge hurry so some quality time with the kiddos were had. Drew was able to go play disc golf and then we ate lunch and got to work.

My dear niece is a genius. She is adorable, smart, sweet, hyper, sensitive, and simply put - wonderful. She would come up to me and say "I gun getchu!" While she wiggled her fingers closer and closer until they were scratching my cheeks. Priceless.

We spent some time carrying heavy things and Audrey got increasingly more worried that we were carrying away her toys.

What an exhausting and yet wonderful time!


March Madness!

Drew and I are doing our own brackets/challenge regarding the NCAA tournament. We both did our individual brackets. Winner gets to pick all our date nights for a month... so if I win there will be dance lessons and cuddling, and whatever else I can think of, probably some organizing. :) If Drew wins, well I know disc golf will be in the mix along with who-knows-what-else. Kinda scary, kinda exciting! So far I am losing by 1 point!

Dun Dun Dun....


Toilet Seat anyone?? (Date 33) & some budget talk

Date 33 consisted of many things. Last Friday, once all my school work was done, Drew and I went out of the town. What does a night out with Drew and Kari look like some of you may be wondering??

Well, we ate dinner, but I refused to eat to much because I was majorly craving some movie popcorn. :) Yes it is a TOTAL waste of money, but we now have a date night budget so we splurged a tad.

{Speaking of which, I think it is going to work out really well for us... the whole date night allowance. I set a specific amount of money aside and we use that anytime we eat out as our date night, or bowl, or go to a movie, get ice cream, rent a movie, etc... Once it's gone, well, a free activity will be on the agenda for the next date. That way, an occasional movie does not make me feel as guilty. I also gave myself and Drew an allowance. We eat get the same amount of money each month that we can spend it guilt free. It isn't a lot but you can save it and spend it on whatever you want. I don't have to feel guilty about wanting a new shirt, and Drew can buy yet another disc without me looking at him with the "don't you have enough of those yet?" look. If I want to buy Drew a random gift or if he wants to buy me flowers, it comes out of that money as well. We have always felt like receiving gifts once we were married isn't that special. Now that it is out of our own money I think it will mean way more. :) Birthday's and Christmas are not included. Now, I'm sure we will tweak these new ideas but I am excited about the idea of them both!}

Now back to our date. After we ate we headed to Lowes. We seem to live at Lowes these days but we are desperately trying to finish our house! I picked out some rugs, which I have already returned.* I then went to the toilet seats because ours has bit the dust. Which is a shame because it was one of those comfy ones, but we replaced it with a boring one. Who broke the seat? I'm not at liberty to say, well really I don't know but it was most definitely cracked. 

*My dad told me the other day that he isn't indecisive, he just likes to exhaust all options before he decides. I think that definitely describes me. Although Drew would stick with the fact I'm exhausting because I'm indecisive.

We then headed to the movie theater were we bumped into our buddy Lewis. I FINALLY met his fiance Christine. I approve. :) Not that he needed it.

Over all it was a fun evening out, relaxing and productive.


oh the hopes I have for this week

I am done with my first 3 classes at Liberty, and although I haven't received my grades yet, I know that I did the best with the time that I have. I feel like God definitely stretched me, and I'm so glad that I am back in school. I will finish, and I will grow closer to God through this journey.

That being said, IT'S SPRING BREAK!!! Oh I have high hopes for these coming 10 days.

Can we say hello to Karen Kingsbury?? Oh how I have missed reading for pleasure. I will be taking in as many of these fabulous books as possible!

Sleep sounds good right? I'll be doing a lot of that! :)

Long Bubble baths? Absolutely!

Relaxed time with my hubby... well, we shall see about that. He is still working on the house, but hey! I can help him with that! heh... maybe.

Catching up with multiple friends will have to be fit into that time. I miss girl time a lot.

Helping my sister move next weekend without having to hurry home to do homework... yea that sounds like a plan.

While I'm at it, I'll probably go to my exercise class multiple times, date my hubby, go to a birthday party, perhaps pick out some rugs for my house. Who knows, I may try a couple new recipes. (I set a goal to try 1 new one a week... 2 weeks in and I am succeeding.)

Now these plans might sound crazy busy, especially since I will still be working every day, and have several church functions. (Youth volleyball starts this Thursday) but to me, it sounds relaxing. I will be doing what I want to do without having to cram a lot of material in my head at once.

Have I told you that I will only be taking two classes this second 8 weeks. I am also looking forward to that. I think I will retain more. I'm exciting about starting that as well, buuuttt... I'm getting way ahead of myself.

First... Karen Kingsbury.


Ima shakin' my head...

So the other morning my husband showed me his back and to my relief surprise I did not see all of those random hairs sticking every which way. He said, and I quote...

My back hairs and I had a little chat. I told them that you didn't like them so they needed to go away, and wouldn't you know, they listened to me! See gone...

He was so proud. He then told me some other facts about those little hairs but I will spare you the details... I spent about 5 minutes straight laughing at with him. Oh the joys of being married.


Giddiness over God's Goodness (# 104 -115)

I know I am fairly sporadic with my blogging, and when I do blog I tend to do several posts at once, but bare with me. I have been wanting to post a grateful post for a while now and there is no time like the present. 

surprise visits from my nephew and sister make me all sorts of giddy inside and out

seeing the end of a long 8 weeks 

cooking for my man, and him loving it

accountability with a semi-new but quickly becoming a great friend

having people tell me that they are praying for me
going to work where two kids yell "Kari" and usually run for hugs... and cry when I leave

those same kids that make me laugh almost constantly

a hard workout... well I'm grateful at the results

belting out the words to the Wicked soundtrack... and envisioning each scene of the show. I think I've mentioned it before, but it. was. wonderful.

getting to snuggle with Nycole in nursery at church

lots of chats with my 'employer' since she was home from surgery... I enjoy time with her

hearing my dad and husband talk construction talk... it's nice that my dad knows so much and my hubby wants to learn so much

knowing that my Jesus is faithful and is Constant


Bad Wife...Wonderful Husband (Date 33)

It's true. I feel like a horrible wife because I am so super busy with my three classes and work that I have not been helping with our floors/painting or fixing dinner. Drew says it's not a big deal, he knows I'm not being lazy while he is working hard but I still feel horrible. SOOO date night this week consisted of me making dinner and him NOT helping. I wouldn't let him in the kitchen! 

I have got some amazing cookbooks and never have the time to try out the recipes! I tried Pioneer Woman's " Marlboro Man's Sandwich" and it was a huge success! Drew LOVED it, (even if he did say I would be smelling it later on. I guess that's the sign of a good meal?) It was a cube steak sandwich with all sorts of seasonings and I made fresh green beans with some brown sugar, butter, olive oil, salt and pepper.  DELISH! We are both obsessed with those green beans, which are supposed to be similar to Outback's, and eat them probably once every week and 1/2. Unfortunately green beans are not in season right now.

Anyway, dinner was a hit and after I spilled half of the leftovers all over the kitchen floor... bummer... we ran some errands. We are looking for some odds and ends for our house (dining room table, shelf for by the door, rugs...) and I have been craving some Coldstone ice cream. :) Cake batter ice cream with some cookie dough chunks hit. the. spot!


We survived!

Thank you for those that prayed for the famine. It went great! We played team building games along with games that caused the teens to become more aware of the hunger around them. They were challenged to go door to door asking for blankets, water, and canned foods for our food pantry. I was so proud of their courage and excited attitudes! They were definitely feeling the hunger on Saturday and were SUPER excited to eat Spaghetti to break the fast!