God's Perfect Time

Since finding out on Thursday that my induction would be this Wednesday, I have had a vast variety of different emotions wash over me. While I feel extremely prepared, [well as prepared as one can be having her first child] the unknown is also scary. There are just some things in life, that no matter how many classes you take or advice you get, you can't fully know what to expect until you yourself experience it. I definitely feel like this is one of those things. My nerves are here, probably to stay. I had a sleepless night on Friday but thankfully Saturday and Sunday nights I slept great! Drew keeps reminding me

"do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." (Phil. 4:6)

I love that simply stopping right when he says that, and praying, makes all the difference in the world.

What am I wondering/worrying/contemplating these days? I think any mother knows the answer to that. How labor will go. Will my baby be okay. You know, the basics. ;) I think the biggest thing for me though, is the thought of  our family moving from two to three.

 "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God" - Corrie Ten Boom

Don't get me wrong, I have prayed and am SO thrilled to be having Peyton. I truly believe God has called me to be a mom and I am so looking forward to my time cherishing this precious boy.

That being said, those of you that know me know that I am extremely in love with my husband. I am jealous of my time with him. We have been best friends/together for 8 years. (Well, February 1st it will be 8 years.) He is an amazing husband and I know he is going to make an amazing dad. There is just a little anxiety in my heart that I have to share him. ;) Adjustments. Unknowns. It's unfamiliar territory and I'm simply proceeding with caution. Praying that God will give me twice the love I have for Drew now so I can share it, because lets get real, I'm not going to start loving Drew less. ;)

I am in awe of the miracles that have come in my life. The fact I do love my husband, to some, is a miracle. The fact I am about to have a baby, is a miracle. The fact God has entrusted me with both... to love unconditionally, take care of selflessly, and pray for continually, is a miracle. I'm humbled and overwhelmed at the task before me. I'm also giddy and have butterflies with how wonderfully my life is about to change.

This is what I know:

I am about to have a baby boy that will need everything from me. Love, care, shelter, food, and knowledge of Jesus.

I have a husband that has been great throughout this pregnancy. Helpful, supportive, sacrificial, and super excited about loving this baby.

I have a God who knows every detail of my life - past and present. He knows what lies ahead this week, He knows that I can handle it because He does not give us things we cannot handle. My God has conquered the grave, and will give me the power to do everything I need to do... and when I don't feel like I can do something... maybe, just maybe, I don't need to do it. I.E. - having a spotless house, pleasing everyone, ultimately being 'super mom'.

I have an amazing support system that loves me, Drew and Peyton already. Their thoughts, prayers, and help - even before Peyton's birth day - have been the encouragement and strength that I have needed, and will need in the future! 

So yes, while I know there are many adjustments ahead. While I know that the unknown is scary. Thankfully I don't have to worry or be anxious. Because my God already knows. and HE knows I'm ready.

"This new season looms and I don't know what is next. But He doesn't need me to be ready for this season because HE. IS. READY. He just needs me to be clinging to His feet. Now. Is God's perfect time." - Katie Davis 
(Wednesday's blog-post from this girl was just what I needed. You should head over to The Journey and read it for yourself if you are finding yourself in a new season of life!)


An End in Sight

Drew and I headed to our VERY LONG Doctor's appointment this afternoon. It went well and there is in fact an end in sight to being pregnant. YAY!!

1:30 - NST went well, he as usual took his sweet time but showed us that the placenta was doing its job and Peyton is a happy little boy in there.

2:30 - Ultrasound  was fun. :) I loved seeing our little man. We had one to check his weight, and it showed he was 8 pounds 3 ounces... give or take a pound. They can't be too specific due to him being scrunched up, but it's a ballpark number! He is a cutie and had his lips puckered up, which could mean oh so many things! ;)

3:30ish we saw Dr. M. He said my sugars look decent... not great but they could definitely be worse. I'm trying, I really am! ;) He checked for progress and *heads up, TMI for some of you* I'm about a fingertip. Meaning, not much progress, but better than nothing. ;)

He then explained that he is hoping there will be some progress between now and next week, buuuuttt if there isn't I have another appointment on Tuesday. If there has been some progress I will go to the hospital at 10AM Wednesday morning (that's when Dr. M is on call, and we would definitely prefer to have him deliver our baby) for an induction! If I haven't had any progress, I will go in the hospital Tuesday night for Cervadill which is a drug that will help ripen the cervix. Then I will already be there and hopefully ready by Wednesday morning for the Potocin. Obviously, I would rather not have the drugs, so prayers for my labor to start on my own are appreciated. BUT I also know that they don't let pregnant women with diabetes go past their due date, and I'd rather have the meds than a c-section later. Sooo.... yay for having an end in sight!!


crossing out

 Rascal Flatts is definitely a favorite of mine. I've been listening to them for forever and know pretty much every word to every song. I told myself that if they came to town I would be at the concert. This was the first time I knew about it in enough time to get a ticket and I got it! Nevermind that it was 2 weeks before my due date. I was determined to make it to the 13th and go jam at the concert. Well, I made it! I had tacos with some lovely friends and then we headed out to a great concert.

 Going to a loud event like that at 8 1/2 months pregnant is not the easiest thing to do, but definitely not the most difficult either. ;) I found myself standing and singing throughout Sara Evans before I realized I needed to pace myself. So like a good girl, even though we were had floor seats on the 19th row, I tried to sit down every couple of songs. Yes it was cramped, yes I was super sore and exhausted afterwards, yes I may have bumped some people with Peyton, but it was great! Although side-note: Carrie Underwood last year was better. Peyton was really still when I was standing up and singing, but when I sat down to rest he went crazy. I'm not sure what that meant, but I am just assuming he was taking it all in. :)


The Reveal

Many of you have been asking if Peyton's room is all ready. You want pictures and details so here they are. Peyton's room is pretty much done although some decorations still need tweaking. We're just waiting on him now!!
 Coming in the room... bags packed! ;)

 That seat sure is comfy!

 Thanks to all the hand-me-down toys! Peyton's already super blessed!

 Come on little buddy. We're ready for you!


Doctor Visit

Well I went to the Dr. again. I have been going every week since before Thanksgiving because of the diabetes. I'll definitely be glad when it's over! They are doing NSTs (Non-Stress Tests) every week to make sure that Peyton isn't in any distress due to the meds I'm on. So far they all have been fine. My Strep B test came back negative which is nice to not have to deal with that during labor. I am not dilated at all yet. My stomach is back to measuring big. (It's supposed to measure they same as the week you are on. 36cm = 36 weeks..) I'm not quite 38 weeks according to my Dr but measuring 39cm. He decided he is going to do a Sonogram next week to measure Peyton's weight. I think I've mentioned that an issue with gestational diabetes is that the baby could be bigger which causes complications with delivery and possible hypertension or other things after birth. I'm so blessed to have a Dr I trust so I know I can rest easy that he is monitoring the best he can and will do whatever is necessary. There was talk of induction, if the baby is big or my sugars aren't where they should be. He said he would talk about that in my 39th week, but only if there is some progress towards labor (dilation). He doesn't think it would help things if my body isn't ready, it would just put me through a lot of drugs and days in the hospital before Peyton came. My sugars are a little off this week. It was kinda disappointing because last week was great! I'm not eating any differently so it's frustrating when they are high, but Dr. m still doesn't seem too concerned since my fastings are always good. Oh well, a couple weeks at the most and this baby will be in my arms... YAY!


The Last Month!

- oh the waddling! - whether it's due to having to pee or being super sore, it's here
- having an achy back/hips
- acid reflux acting up like crazy
- I finally surrendered and let Drew paint my nails... yay for being OCD, he did a superb job!
- alien like movements from outside of my belly
- I started packing for the hospital
- Peyton's nursery is getting close to being done!
- No more work for me
- itchy belly due to stretching
- the strong desire to clean and be productive
- the cravings a getting bad because I want sugar and CARBS!
- laundry for baby begins
- help to put my socks on is GREATLY appreciated!
- Can't eat more than one bite of the best steak I've every eaten because there is no room in my belly after just some fries and a salad
- I finally had a 'boring' Dr appointment. Which entailed measuring my baby and checking his heartbeat.
- I get up much easier in the morning if Drew helps me get out of bed, otherwise there is much moaning
- I take back my previous itchy point... apparently there is a pregnancy rash and I've got it... red, bumpy, SUPER itchy and the only way to get rid of it is to have the baby. Oh Peyton please hurry!
- Peyton tried to claw his way out a couple weeks ago!
- comments like "you look like your going to pop" or "can't be too much longer right?" are a daily occurrence
- we have thrown out loads of trash due to our now organized guest closet, office, bathroom closet, and bed side tables
- Drew officially had a 'holy cow' moment due to us buying two boxes of diapers

- Our third anniversary included going to pick up our glider for Peyton's room, buying diapers because we had coupons that were close to expiring, and then yummy Outback where I could barely eat the best steak ever because there was no room!


good-byes are never easy, but...

This week my great grandma(on the left) went to be with Jesus. Mamaw Honaker was such a wonderful grandma who gave great hugs and loved when you spent time with her, even if it was just swinging on the porch swing together. It was hard to say good-bye, but she was in pain and confused on this earth so we were grateful that now she isn't! It is always hard saying good-bye, but I am so relieved that because of Christ's sacrifice on the cross, we will be together again! Christ conquered death, and when we accept that fact we too will be with Him one day in heaven. What a wonderful day that will be. For now, both of my Mamaws are up there, probably relaxing with their husbands. I was really hoping that they would have been able to meet Peyton, but I just know that because of the influences both Mamaws had in the lives of me and my family members, Peyton will one day understand all Jesus has done for us and as a result will meet his Mamaws in heaven. I am so thankful that their devotion to Jesus has resulted in a godly heritage and place for my son to grow up in as well.


Round Five

 It's the last round. I promise! We let a week go by before we headed to my mom's side of the family celebration. We always do that the Saturday after Christmas, which is wonderful because it helps space out the craziness! My aunt, uncle, and cousin came in from Tennessee which is always a blast. Definitely wish they lived here! Friday Drew and I headed over to have a game night with the family. Loads of laughter, munching, and a tad bit of cheating in the mix made for a great night! Saturday we celebrated Christmas with a lot of family. more laughter, way more munching, presents, wrestling, Peyton feeling, and relaxing took place there. Some of us hung around til midnight... we weren't sure we would make it, but there are enough stories to keep us busy for hours. PJs and more snacks were all we needed. ;) Sunday we had a late lunch/early dinner at Abuelo's where you guessed it, lots of food was consumed and laughter was taking place. I'm always sad to say bye to family, but so grateful for the time to relax and enjoy the time I do have with them! Oh, Jeremy, Katie, and the kids were here Thursday-Monday so there of course, were no dull moments in between!

 Happy New Year!
Round Five = Success


mixed emotions

 It's the end, and yet not the end. My last day of work was at the end of the year. Mason and Kylee will start school 5 days a week in January so that I can be free to have Peyton. I'm still going to be available to babysit, and should have them again in the summer, if not a little before. It just depends how Peyton does and how the kids adjust to school. I have been taking care of them since Mason was a little under 2 and Kylee was 5 weeks. Now they are almost 4 and 2 1/2 and can I just say I'm a tad attached to them! The Batson's are a great family and I am so blessed to have been able to work with them! 

These are some of the last adventures of 2011. Aren't they the cutest?!?!?

 Kylee loves baby Peyton and really wants to hold him!

Waiting in line at Dickens of a Christmas to get their faces painted!

friends with funny faces

I don't really understand the belly fascination, but once they got me laughing they couldn't be stopped.