9 months!

Sadie Girl you're another month older! It amazes me how time flies- even when there are days that you exhaust me! :) You are such a joy to be around. You smile with your whole face and jibber jabber like crazy. You say 'nah-nah' and 'dadada' and 'ma-ma'. You seem to be having some pretty serious conversations, I can't wait to know what you're saying!

 Good gracious are you ever on the move! This month you have begun crawling super fast, and you stand up while holding on to things really well. I don't think you are too far from standing on your own. Sadie my dear you are an explorer. You go from room to room looking for things to get into. You love going into Bubba's room even when he is still asleep in the mornings. Outlets, cords, wallflowers, and all those fun 'no no's are the best right now! Oh trashcans are up there too!!

 You love feeding yourself and have been introduced to so many foods this month. You love pears, peaches, bananas, yogurt, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, applesauce, oatmeal, puffs, veggie straws, eggs, among other things. You have had a nasty diaper rash the past few weeks so we've out the acidic foods and eggs for a little while. Thankfully Aquafor is working wonderfully since Nyastatin wasn't!

Baby your sleeping has improved so much! You are on a pretty good schedule waking up around 730 with two naps during the day and then in bed usually before 8. You do make me really sad that you don't like to fall asleep on me like your brother still does. You like your space so after you snuggle a minute or eat your ready to snuggle/bury yourself in your bed with your blankets. You LOVE your blankets. If you were my first child I would be so worried about your face plants, but I know you are big enough to move if needed and you sure do love it! You almost always bend in half to sleep which is also amazing. ;)

You went to your first VBS and loved playing with her friend Kaylee. We have to watch out for you though, because you my dear are the bully. You go straight for her eyes! You did love the walker and snacks! :)

You love carrying around Peyton's Mike the Knight figurine, and your ring teether. You also love your play table and the water table. Oh and it was so funny when you got hold of the water hose. :) Sadie, Peyton is your best friend already and I just love seeing you two play together. You steal each others pacis, tackle one another, and Peyton just loves hugging and kissing you. Your laughter makes Mama and Daddy so happy! 

We are praying for you sweet girl. We pray that you know how much Jesus loves you and you love Him back. We pray that you will find your security in Him and that you feel so loved that you don't seek it elsewhere. We pray for your future husband and your future friends and that you will make an amazing impact for Christ. We also pray for you to sleep well and long.... haha :) Sure do love you baby girl!


Fun Filled Fourth

 Oh my goodness we had such a fun fourth!

We went to Roanoke and hung out with our friends Jeremy and Starr on the 3rd... This girl makes me so happy and we are so blessed to have a couple like them in our lives! I mean seriously... she makes my favorite meal, so definitely a keeper! :)

We stayed at Papaw and Grammy's house and woke up to a relaxing morning of playing. At lunchtime we met Grandad, Mawmaw, and Uncle Nathan for lunch at Red Robin. Yum. Seriously, delicious - we miss having one close by!

After lunch Mawmaw took me to bath and body works cause she is in the know when it comes to those coupons! :) The boys and Sadie played in the play area and then we ended the outing with yummy cookies!  It was so good to see them!

Our friends had their baby girl on Tuesday and it was so hard waiting until Friday to meet precious Teagan! She is such a cutie! We enjoyed catching up with them all afternoon - playing outside and snuggling with the yummy baby goodness! :) The Kleiners brought food and we played a new game - Wits and Wagers.

We headed near the hospital with the Kleiners to watch the fireworks. Peyton was so funny. All afternoon he knew he had to wait for 'dark' to watch the fireworks. So once it was getting dark he kept yelling "DARK! see? boom boom!!" "boom booms where are you??"He thought it was a little loud but had talked about it all week since - expected them every time it gets dark! Sadie just stared the whole time. We were so grateful it didn't scared her!

We had such a great time celebrating our freedom!!