Bringing her home

Bringing her home was such a fun memory. We're a family of four. It's going to be a crazy ride, but I'm so grateful to be living life with these three!!


Peyton at 21 months!

My baby is once again growing too fast! It is extremely evident that life is flying and we have a lot on our plate because my pictures of Peyton since my last update are severely lacking!!It's probably because my camera goes missing for days, and there are many days of 'surviving' which means more TV watching than I would like. The other days we are too busy enjoying ourselves to stop and capture it.

Peyton has done a great job playing with others and gets excited to see his friends. Our Chick Fil A has a mommy & me program. Every Wednesday from 9:30 - 11:30 you can come hang out. There is coloring, play doh, and other activities, along with the play place and a story time at 11. We've gone a couple time which is great for Peyton, and for me to be around other mommies. He enjoys the nursery on Sundays, although he still occasionally cries when I leave him - and he definitely runs for me when I return! :) The easiest way to get him to church is to say we're going to see Dada and he is ready to go bye-bye. We definitely miss getting ready for church and going together, but Drew has to be at early service as well as the 11 o'clock service.

He loves dragging stools or chairs around so he can reach things. He is still obsessed with coloring/drawing, although he moves the paper to random places... such as the stove/bedroom floor/couch and occasionally the bathroom. ;) I still haven't seen him color on things that aren't allowed... although he has tried to use his bathtub crayons on me.

He is very opinionated and would spend all day every day outside - as long as at least half of the time is spent playing in our car, and at least a fourth of the time is spent playing with chalk. He has a new swing set which he loves to swing and slide on. He also loves playing basketball or golf with Dada, and going to get the mail. He stomps his foot when he is frustrated and we have to remind him often to ask for things nicely. I can see how easy it would be for a child to get everything they want. It is way easier to give in than to listen to the whining!!

Our sweet boy is a huge helper. He loves to pretend to wash dishes and vacuum. Since we borrowed Nay Nay's small vacuum he can do it himself which is just precious! :) It makes it difficult to get our floors completely clean but we roll with it. He also is a mostly obedient child. He likes getting into my gum, but usually unwraps it to give to me. The other day we saw him chewing on something and he had gotten in my purse and tried the gum. He handed it to us when we asked him to and told him it was mama's gum - not Peyton's. A few hours later he comes running to me in the kitchen and starts picking out gum of his mouth and handing it to me. He was shaking his head and saying 'Mama' like to say, ' sorry mama that's yours not mine.' LOVE IT! :) We're praying now he is that honest when he's a teenager... long shot definitely, but I was pretty good about telling on myself so we shall see.

I hope he is always my snuggle bug, because he sure does still like hugs, kisses, and being rocked. He wants us to kiss his boo boos now which is precious, and rarely actually cries when he scraps a knee. He usually just glares and pats the hurt area over and over.

He eats wonderfully, and I am glad we are settled in our house so we are eating less french fries and more veggies. It was a little rough there for a week or two! He likes most foods, although he doesn't ever choose to eat his meat first. He loves veggies, bread, croutons, and chocolate the best I would say. Hey at least veggies are in there! :)

We can definitely see his mind work a lot more over the past few months. He is more creative, and getting great at puzzles and doing things himself. He loves feeding himself even if it makes a mess - of course he asks for a napkin when he gets too much on himself. He loves to play 'seek and find' in most books and will tell us what pretty much anything on the page is. So we know his vocabulary is growing, just not being spoken. HA.

He still only says a few things, but now they mean multiple things which is pretty easy for us to distinguish based on the pitch or context... he says:
'Mama' - mama, Elmo, milk
'Dada' - dada, Dadadddy, Granddad
'Baba' - big bird, buzz, blues clues, ball
'Byby'- bye bye,
Bi-bile - Bible
Nay Nay - NayNay, notebook, Norah
Hi - Hi, hat
Nan Na - banana

He is still signing 'thank you', 'please', 'more', 'all done' and Drew taught him to cross his hands across his chest for love you. We figured the actually sign for love you would be too confusing for him. We sure do love when he does it though!!

He knows the noises for Cow, Horse, Pig, Bird, Dog, Elephant,  and probably more I can't think of right now. He has a Melissa and Doug puzzle that makes noise and he gets so excited when he hears the sound because he got the puzzle piece in!

I'm pretty positive that Peyton thought my name was Sadie. He interchanges 'Mama' when I say Sadie. Half the time when we ask where Sadie is he points to my belly, the other half he just points to me. When we ask where Sadie's room is he goes to it, points and says 'mama'. Thankfully since Sadie has been here he has started to point to 'bay-bay' when I say Sadie.

Speaking of which, he is SMITTEN with his baby sister. He kisses and hugs and holds Sadie, and even helps burp her. If he wants my attention and I'm holding Sadie, he simply points to her and says Dada as if to say ' Dada hold her because I need mama'. I try to give him all my attention and snuggles when someone else is holding Sadie so he doesn't feel neglected - although he sure seems fine. While he isn't acting bad towards Sadie, he has started to get more of an attitude - which I'm sure is partially because of all the changes. He raises eyebrows, screams, stomps his foot, or hits when he doesn't get what he wants. Most of that is if he is tired or hungry, but he is almost two, so there is that...

Peyton loves music. He gets on the front row during youth group and looks at the words on the wall and sways and claps as the teenagers sing. I just love seeing him enjoying songs about Jesus - even though he can't comprehend them yet.

We are praying for our dear baby boy - in hopes he loves Jesus as much as we do - and that He understands how important it is to love Him and others. So far, he is a wonderfully, sweet, sensitive, caring, funny, and adorable boy who we love so much!!


Snuggles from Loved Ones

Peyton came into the hospital saying 'baybay' over and over and was just so excited to meet baby Sadie. He kept kissing and hugging and pointing. It made my heart so happy!! We will see if it sticks!

  Many, but not all of the people that came to see us at the hospital to celebrate our wonderful Sadie!!


Introducing Sadie Elisabeth Hunsley

39 weeks

  Drew, Peyton and I headed to my NST/Dr. appointment last Tuesday morning. (Oct 8). We were planning on going to the fair afterwards for Audrey's birthday but Sadie had other plans. The NST showed that while she was moving around a lot, she wasn't having accelerating heartbeats which is important to see. (Because I was on medication for Diabetes they have to make sure that doesn't effect Sadie negatively) Since she wasn't cooperating they did a special sonogram that can show the same things that an NST does. They saw that she was moving, and that she was about 9 lbs, but couldn't see that she was breathing - which is one of the things they want to see. Since my due date was Oct 11, I was full term, and Sadie was definitely big enough, they knew there wasn't anything negative about going ahead and inducing me. There could be complications by waiting - if she indeed isn't breathing well or accelerating, or she gets too big and requires a c-section. So Dr. L told us to go get lunch, grab our bags and he would call the hospital to get me ready for an induction. The fair was off the agenda but having a baby was on! :)

3:00pm - we arrived at the hospital
4:15 - made it to our room. Since they ask all the questions and stuff, they also let me go ahead and eat dinner before they started the meds. 
7:30 - Started me on Cytotek - which was to ripen my cervix. I was dilated about 1-2 cm at this point. Contractions started right away - and within 2-3 minutes from each other!
11:30 - bring on the pain meds! They gave me Stadol and while it made me loopy for about 20 minutes, it didn't really help with the pain. 
12:30 am - they moved me to Labor and Delivery. I had a great nurse - 2 actually - that were wonderfully helpful and I felt like I was hanging out with friends more than the hospital.
1:45 - they gave me morphine for the pain, but I didn't feel like that helped either. 
2:15 - I was positive for Strep B so they started me on Penicillin which I quickly realized I am now allergic to... I got itchy right away so they gave me some benedryl and started me on a different antibiotic.
2:45 - I was 4 cm... sigh...
3:30 - I got my epidural. YAY. I was pretty nervous since I had a bad experience with Peyton but I decided to give it another try, and it was definitely way better!
8:00 - I was 5 cm
12:30pm - I was 5.5 - 6 cm... progressing, but slowly. Shortly after that they started me on Pitocin 
4:05 - my water broke
4:40 - I was 10 cm!!! 
5:15 - my nurse was ready and told me I could start pushing. But once she was ready for me to start she actually saw Sadie's head already and told me to wait while she got the Dr. 
5:30ish - my Dr came in and realized that Sadie was about to fall out. They fumble and try to keep Sadie in while taking apart the bed and getting scrubs on. it was a whirlwind for sure. 
5:48 - I was told I could push but I sat up and Sadie was born. Fastest delivery ever!! :) YAY

Sadie Elisabeth Hunsley
October 9, 2013 at 5:48 pm
8lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. 

She had to go to the NICU to have her sugars monitored. There was a chance that her sugars could crash since her body was working overtime when she was in me. She was in there for 5 hours but only had 1 high sugar so was brought to the room around 11pm. Her sugar was checked about 3 or 4 other times but everything looked great! Poor baby still has marks on her feet. 

Everything looked great while we were in the hospital, but as we were waiting for the wheelchair to go home, Sadie had a scary moment. She had been coughing up some fluid throughout those two days, but Friday morning she was choking on mucous and it was coming out of her nose. Because of that her airways were blocked and she wasn't breathing. Drew did a great job turning her over and trying to clear her out while I ran out to find a nurse. She was quickly suctioned but because of that they kept us a few more hours so they could run some more blood work - to make sure Sadie didn't have an infection. The labs came back fine and we headed to get Peyton and then made it home around  5pm. I did ride in the back to make sure it didn't happen again - and we have been super aware of her breathing since being home but she hasn't had any issues in a couple days so we think she's all clear!


Our New Home

 For those of you who haven't heard. We bought a house. We thought we wouldn't be able to until next year, but the opportunity presented itself, and we are saving money by buying instead of renting another year. Of course this is a hectic time for us, but now that we are in, we are very grateful to already be moved. We still have our house in Roanoke, but we have wonderful renters and it is such a relief knowing we don't have to worry about it while we wait on the market to come up before selling it!

It was an adjustment for Peyton but I think he is pretty settled now. He LOVES all the yard we have now, our rocking chairs on our front porch, and the dogs next door. :) The previous owners left their basketball goal as well and we can't wait to play with him!

Moving was hectic, but we had some great help and really appreciate their sweat and muscles! :) I even had mom and a friend clean my cabinets and fridge among other things. Peyton had a few friends over who were WONDERFUL at playing with him and keep him out from under our feet.

My grandparents came down two days later to help us do the dirty work of cleaning the old house. No one likes to clean the old house when they move but it had to be done. ;) My grandma was very motivated, and they were both a huge help with both houses!!

We just love our new home, and I can finally say, besides some nick knacks, our house is pretty much unpacked. Of course not everything is in its place, and it still definitely needs a good cleaning, but we are getting there. Perfect time since I'm due Friday, right?? :)

* I know some of you want to see pictures of the inside. Maybe in a few days I'll feel it's clean enough for that. I do have the motivation of not wanting to bring my baby home to a dirty house! :)