Pregnancy Update (36 weeks!)

I had a pretty long appointment yesterday but received great news. :) I'm 36 weeks and I was scheduled for a sonogram to check Sadie's weight. She is looking great! They said her belly was measuring a week ahead of schedule, but her head and length were just behind 36 weeks. She weighs about 6 pounds 7 ounces and there is plenty of fluid for her to stay comfortably in my belly. Oh and she definitely has a little bit of hair, which was neat to see!

Then I had an NST (I'm still going twice a week for these) and she was very cooperative. She was moving and accelerating just like she is supposed to. That means that the Metformin I am on for Diabetes is not interfering with her at all - Praise God!

Then I saw Dr. L ( who I love by the way. I'm so glad that I found a good practice here in Mount Airy!). He looked at my sugar log. I have been a little concerned about my high sugars but I was reassured that since I have had nasty sinus junk it was normal for them to be high. He also guessed that I had been taking Robitussin which apparently has a lot of sugar in it. Whoops! He was so pleased with the NST, Sono, and my sugars and has no concern with Sadie. While I haven't been worried at all about her since Peyton was fine, I was so excited to see how well she is doing! Keep cooking baby girl!! :)

I'm definitely craving sugar and pasta these days, and I may get REALLY frustrated if my sugar is high... but Drew and I have been eating popcorn pretty much every night and I have approximately 8 m&ms with that which is something I get to look forward to and help my sweet tooth. ;)

My heartburn hasn't been as bad as with Peyton, but there are definite nights when it drives me crazy! Smoothie Tums are my friends. :)

I feel like Sadie moves more than Peyton does, I often just watch her move my belly around. That has made me more nauseous than last go round. She has gotten hiccups a few times which I have found adorable, and she definitely makes me out of breath quite often.

We signed on our new house today, and will be moving next Tuesday. So there is plenty to do, but I'm trying to take it easy when possible. I am starting to make lists of things I need done before she arrives... I'm in charge of the nursery at church so I have to get things squared away there, and pack, and make sure Peyton has a fall wardrobe, and get my toes done, etc... ;) Never a dull moment that is for sure! I am so thankful for all of our help and blessings these past several months! She'll be here soon!



Drew and I wanted to get away, alone, before Sadie came. We went away before Peyton and it was wonderful so we were excited to go away once again. He took me to Ashville, NC and we stayed at a nice hotel. Since we were kid less, we figured we had to go out on the town, but I was already worn out by 9 o'clock so we ended up grabbing some Coldstone (shh don't tell my doctors) and talked in the Kohl's parking lot til 11. Then we crashed but ended up waking up early just because our bodies weren't used to sleeping in. We took our time, found out there was a Fuddruckers so of course stopped for an early lunch, and then headed to the Biltmore Estate.

We used the audio tour and had a great time learning about the history of this crazy-too-big-for-anyone-to-need house. It was definitely exhausting, and I'm surprised I didn't walk into labor, but it was a great time away with my man. :) 

 35 weeks!! I could have stayed on that 'deck' for hours with the cool breeze and comfy chairs. It would definitely be my favorite spot in the house! 

We spent a little time in the gardens, but we were both worn out by then. Once we headed home we grabbed some yummmy Outback before squeezing the neck our our Peyton before bedtime! 

Thanks babe for a wonderful surprise weekend away!


Farmer Claytor Lake Trip

I think that the pictures are pretty self-explanatory for the great time we had this year. :) It is definitely more exhausting having kids to keep up with but oh the joy on their faces! I loved watching my little man playing in the sand and dirt, running around barefoot like a busy little bee!
Be Still My Heart.


Nay Nay's birthday

My mom had her birthday last week, so of course my sister and I bombarded her with the 4 grand kids. Don't worry, we brought cake, chili's, a present (and one to come), a balloon, and of course lots of chaos. I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't have it any other way... she's a great Nay-Nay like that!

Peyton picked out his tie and shoes for the special occasion. ;)

Yup, I'd say it was a good day. Hopefully Nay-Nay agreed! ;)