It's a mindset

We've reaching the end. I know. I haven't talked much about 7 this month, but it's the end of month 1. The goal was to get rid of  217 items. We got rid of approximately 245. I feel like I'm not done though. It hasn't hurt yet. Yeah I got rid of several shirts I've loved forever. We got rid of furniture, clothes, decor, movies, picture frames, shoes, purses, etc... Our house is still full though. We still have everything we need, and lots that we want. God has shown me how abundantly blessed Drew, Peyton and I truly are. I think this purging mindset is going to stick for a while. I am just praying that I choose to live with less instead of buying more things to replace the things I gave away.

We did sell some things on Craiglist. We had a yard sale. We gave piles of clothes to our clothes closet at church. The money that we made has been thought through and will hopefully be used wisely according to what God would have us use it. Yay for accomplishing month 1! But again I say, I'm not done. I will continue to strive to live with less.


I remember it being different...

 We try to get out to Claytor Lake at least once a year. The Farmers usually reserve a pavilion where games are played, snuggles are had, and food - lots of food- is consumed. This year my dad rented a boat so we enjoyed tubing and tolerated knee boarding. I say tolerated because while I used to love it, I remember it being way more fun than it was. I got up which made me proud, but I found myself hoping I didn't go over any waves. It was hard and not a blast like before. Oh the beginnings of feeling old. Sigh. Oh well, it was a great day and stayed overcast which was perfect!


We stand forgiven at the cross

This is the other song I was talking about being challenging to me. So glad to get a good reminder of His amazing, sacrificial love for us! Again, I challenge you to read the words slowly. Look them up on YouTube and listen to the song. God can use songwriters in wonderful ways!

And oh to see the dawn of the darkest day Christ on the road to Calvary Tried by sinful men, torn and beaten Then nailed to a cross of wood

This the power of the cross Christ became sin for us Took the blame, bore the wrath We stand forgiven at the cross

And oh to see the pain written on Your face Bearing the awesome weight of sin And every bitter thought, every evil deed Crowning Your bloodstained brow

This the power of the cross Christ became sin for us Took the blame, bore the wrath We stand forgiven at the cross

And oh to see my name written in the wounds For through Your suffering I am free And death is crushed to death and life is mine to live Won through Your selfless love

This the power of the cross Son of God slain for us What a life, what a cost We stand forgiven at the cross

What humility God has to live a perfect life, and then be tried AND CONVICTED of a crime by sinful men! God took the blame, He knows the failings of each one of us and took all of those - big and small- and put them on himself to pay. We are guilty - but Christ took that guilt. He was self-less, and I live as a result. 
I am ashamed to say I do not live every day as though I was saved at such a high cost! I should be daily humbling myself and admitting I am nothing without Him, and often I fail to do that. I pray that these songs are a powerful reminder of Who Christ is and that I stop taking that for granted!


6 months

Well, we celebrated Peyton's 6 month birthday by finishing his first bottle of baby shampoo. I'm not sure why that was kinda sad to me but it was. I am quite proud that it lasted 6 months, especially when he has had a bath almost every day since he loves it so much!

While he didn't love the pool the first time he went, he is a fan now! He has been 4 or 5 times and this past one he was splashing like crazy!

Peyton finds great comfort in chewy/sucking on my hair. He also still loves his paci!

He can sit by himself for a short while, although he is grabbing at things so much he usually ends up on his belly.

Peyton rolls around constantly - again it goes back to his reaching for anything remotely close to him... remotes and phones are his newest fascinations. He can scoot backwards and in circles. He has also scooted a tad bit forwards, but he's still working on that.

Toes are yummy. He has been told by many that he has the cutest little toes, but he just knows that they are best when in his mouth!

I can tell he is tired when he rubs his eyes - such a sweet moment. He also is beginning to want to stretch out when sleeping instead of being cuddled. While we have been putting him in his crib since around 2 months, we just started putting him in his crib while he is still awake for a week or two now. He will get squirmy and then when we lay him down he usually settles down to sleep. He sleeps from about 8-830 to around 630 but then takes a 1 to 2 hour nap less than an hour later. After that he takes naps a little before noon and then around 3... he has been taking a short evening nap around 6 but we are trying to get him out of that habit and just put him down for the night a little earlier.

Going along with that, I have started to put him in his crib for naps. I've done that occasionally through the past months, but mostly he sleeps in our bed or on either Drew or me. I know, some people say it's a bad habit, but since I stay home with him, I saw no reason to put him in the other room. I'm trying to cherish those sleepy moments, even if it's inconvenient and the house stays messy. Now that he indicates he wants to stretch out it is an easier transition for me to put him in the crib. Yesterday was the first time he took two long naps in his crib and I must say, it was nice accomplishing things! I still had that first morning nap snuggling with him in our bed, and I think that might stay for a while. 

Drew and I, Drew more diligently than myself, have taught him how to stick his tongue out and blow raspberries. It is quite adorable although I find it funny that what we teach him to do now, we will have to 'unteach him' once it's no longer funny and instead rude. Peyton does get quite messy when he decides to blow while eating. :)

Speaking of eating, he started out this month with some wonderful new flavors entering his mouth. He has tried carrots = enjoyed; avocados = spit out and made ridiculous faces; and apples which he LOVED. We think the avocados may have been a texture thing so we will reintroduce those again later. Unfortunately we are ending the mouth with just boring milk and Oatmeal. He developed a rash about day 4 of the carrots, and it wouldn't go away. I am convinced that it is a heat rash because well, it's been super hot. He has been sweaty since day one and it definitely gets worse in places he sweats. I called the Dr to see if I should look for other symptoms that he could have a food allergy other than just a rash but they said to stop foods until it goes away. He has his 6 month appointment Monday so we will find out more then. I felt so bad because he sure was enjoying those carrots and apples! 

He keeps his hand on my face while he eats which I find endearing... I don't enjoy the kicks in my arm that he also gives me!  

 His newest thing is wanting to stand all the time. He grabs my two fingers and lifts himself up and loves it! He is definitely getting some strong leg muscles!

He has grown tired of the swing, but LOVE his exer-saucer and jump-a-roo! He is also still pretty fond of his bouncy seat.

Peyton still only has 2 teeth, but has been majorly teething this month so I know at least 1 or 2 are on their way! Speaking of which... I think I am going to try Hyland's teething tablets - any thoughts??

We just love our sweet baby!! More every day!


Merry Christmas!

 This was our 3rd annual Christmas in July. Which meant lots of:
family time
Christmas Psych
video games
Christmas Jammies