Owo is 3 - lets play with the animals!

Owen turned 3 on November 9th and we spent the day celebrating in Greensboro. We ate yummy burgers and cake at Fuddruckers, and then opened presents outside.

 Then we headed to the Greensboro Science Museum and Zoo. It was a ton of fun. Peyton loved the Penguins and the fish/sharks. He stayed there the longest, although he also enjoyed petting the sheep. He has a puzzle at home that has sea animals on it and he picks out the sting ray and points to the door like he is remembering his good time attempting to pet one. So. Stinkin'. Adorable.

Although I'm not ready for my baby nephew Owo to be 3, we sure enjoyed celebrating him and cannot wait to see what this next year brings for him!





1 month

Sadie is such a perfect addition to our family! Of course she is, God planned it that way, but it is such a blessing to see how we mesh so well.

Many people say that she looks like me. I'm not sure if it is because she truly does, or because she doesn't have the distinct Drew characteristics like Peyton did. She definitely has lighter tones than Peyton did. I see Peyton's lips, Drew's ears, but the rest of her seems to favor me. Time will tell. I just know she's super cute. Shh, don't tell her, I don't want it going to her head!

Sadie has slept so well. She slept through the night for the first time last night - sleeping 8 hours! The two nights before she only woke up once to eat - we are SO grateful for that, especially since her brother is under the weather and pretty needy!

She still sleeps with her mouth open a lot which is so cute!

Our sweet girl has started to coo over the past couple days, and is super alert the little she is awake. :) She loves looking around and has smiled a few times.

 She enjoys her bath time, bouncy seat, stretching out after a long nap, her sling, and of course eating. :) 

She is nursing very well but I believe has some reflux. It doesn't make her super fussy, but she gags and spits up and seems to have a lot of gas.Since we had some trouble at the hospital with it we are watching her, but again, it doesn't seem to bother her very much and she breathes fine so for now that's good enough.

Sadie, or 'Baby' as we tend to call her around here, loves her big brother. She tolerates his kisses, hugs, and sometimes not-so-gentle burps on the back. She may get kicked, squeezed, sneezed on, and headbutted... but I know she knows how much she is loved!