7 months

Sadie lady has been 7 months for a while but I just can't keep up with this blog in a timely manner. I'm trying Nanny I really am! :)

She is such a ball of energy it's ridiculous and sometimes frustrating. She will get in moods where she wants to be held - but while you are holding her she sits, stands, twists, falls backwards and grabs in a constant rotation. Shew! Oh that grabbing is at an all time high for sure! Sadie finds the most annoying spots to pinch and it hurts so bad! It doesn't matter if it's the tiny little hairs on your neck, your glasses, the inside of your nose, your lips, or the lovely extra skin on the back of the arm... you know what I'm talking about and she loves it! Her standing is also really impressive. She prefers that over sitting and will pull herself up while I hold her fingers. She also tries to stand while pushing on my legs when I'm in the floor with her. I could see her going straight to walking, although she can get on her hands and knees now so that could be soon!

When she isn't that ball of energy she will sit and play with her toys for probably 30 minutes or so at a time. I usually put a box in front of her and she is content until she empties it. She loves being outside and will calm down if she is at a fussy point of the day as soon as she feels that fresh air.

Speaking of fresh air, it has nearly killed us this past week. Our house is allergy ridden, my poor babies were miserable for Mother's Day and are still struggling days later. Ugh...

Sadie has been doing a tad better at night - the more milk we give her before bed the longer she sleeps. Usually she goes to sleep around 8 and she wakes up around 11, 3, and 530ish and then will wake up for the day around 730. She needs two naps but often only gets one. I find that I have a small window to get her down in the morning, and if I miss it because of dealing with something with Peyton, then she gets a second wind and is up for another hour or so. They rarely nap at the same time, although I can sometime get 45 minutes to an hour of overlap. I'll take what I can get! She still rarely falls asleep by herself - something she did great with before her hospital stay. I'm still perplexed as to how all that works.

Sadie loves to eat, although thinks it's hilarious to then blow raspberries and spew the food everywhere. Lucky me, she usually only does that to Daddy. She just started to eat puffs which has been fun to watch her try to grab them. She nurses  well, probably 3-4 times during the day and another 3 times at night. TMI but she also enjoys biting so that's a daily battle. I won't give up though!... yet. She also enjoys eating her tongue - I feel like she is constantly making me check her mouth because I assume she got ahold of something only to find out it's attached to her. :)

Our sweet girl lights up when she sees Mama or Daddy - which may be because she loves to be held. She has started to wave her arms at us. She also love Peyton. She grabs him and I have found her on top of him a couple times. It's so cute because Peyton also loves giving her hugs and kisses. I am so thankful that he has accepted her into the family so well!

Oh, since Sadie is in fact my girl, I guess it's fitting that she likes to babble a lot. She's in a 'ma ma ma ma' stage which is adorable and she also just jibbers - which is probably in part because of the tongue shes chewing while she talks.

Sadie you are growing so fast!! PLEASE slow down!

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