9 months

Didn't I just write an update. I can barely keep up with this fun-loving, fast-growing, crazy boy!

My baby loves kissing himself in the mirror. He walks around furniture and crawls everywhere. He loves standing up but then has a hard time sitting himself down.

He is still eating a ton, and LOVES to feed himself. It is amusing seeing him eat cheerios, definitely a hoarder! He looks for the bottle at bedtime and gets so giddy over it. He jumps and laughs and grabs for it. SO cute. He also loves sucking on his wrist in between bites... a slightly weird quirk but I love it.

Peyton has started laughing at himself. I look over assuming I did something funny, but he is just in his own little world laughing. He's also super talkative.

My baby is so well behaved. I sometimes forget it's past his bedtimes because although he gets clingy when he is tired, he rarely fusses - especially when there are other people around. I feel like he almost gets slighted because we will finish up where we are at even if it's late because he doesn't fuss - even when he needs his sleep.

He gets excited when Daddy comes home from work, and loves looking over the rail and watch for him.

Peyton is a huge fan of being outside, but he still won't crawl on the grass. He will crawl on sidewalks or concrete but not the grass - guess he would rather sit and eat it. :)

He still hasn't met a stranger. He usually will hold tight to mama when someone reaches for him, but once they take him he is fine. 

He was a puppy for Halloween. Be. Still. My. Heart. 

9 months old... good times


leaping into a new adventure

It is official. We are moving to North Carolina. Soon. As in, we will be living in North Carolina by Thanksgiving. 

It has been whirlwind of a couple months, but it has been amazing to see our Jesus walking beside us saying "walk through that door" "I know you are comfortable where you are at, which is why it's time to leap into a new circumstance and trust me" and "I will give you ____ and ____ and ____ as confirmation that this decision is of Me. "

Loss is hard.

We will miss all of our family that is here. All of the places that we call home. The places where we dated, places we shared with our baby. The people we've known for a few days, and the ones we have known our whole lives.
We will miss the church we have called home for 4 years. It is the first 'job' that Drew has had and we can honestly call the people there our family. They love us. They love our baby. We have been blessed to have lived life with them these years. They have also reacted wonderfully to this new move. They know we are following God's leading for the next part of our lives and they say they will pray for us - I believe them. We will be praying for them as well.
We will miss friends, and being able to call them up at any time and go to their house.

But in her blog, Ann says it wonderfully,"Nothing is a given — everything’s a gift.
Who am I to complain in losses when what I lost wasn’t mine to begin with?"

I know we aren't really loosing those things. Not really. In reality we will still visit, and share with Peyton all the places that we love here. It's only 2 hours away from here...

We are gaining and that is good.

We are gaining more friends. Ones that will challenge us spiritually and ones we can laugh and grow with. We are gaining new experiences through a new church with new people and new challenges. Ones that I pray will bring us closer to our Jesus so we can be more like Him.

We are also gaining miles closer to my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. For that I am ever so thankful to God! :) 

Drew, Peyton and I want to live to bring God glory. We want our lives to be about seeking Him and loving Him. If moving away from all we know into a new adventure - will bring Him glory - who are we to argue with Him.

It will be tough but I am thrilled to be able to walk behind my Jesus and KNOW that He will lead me in the best possible path for our lives.

So with that said... yay for boxes and selling/or renting our house and messy houses and finding new housing and doctors and all the emotional roller coasters that changes include...

enter sarcasm here. :)


food for thought

Getting rid of excess we should ask ourselves:

1. What in my life, if taken away, would alter my value or identity?
2. What causes an unhealthy change of attitude, personality, or focus when "it" becomes threatened?
3. What is the thing outside of God that you put everything else on hold for?


The craziness that is our life

 This summer flew by, and fall seems to be doing the same! I really thought I would get better at blogging when I had a kid to talk about, but turns out I have less time now due to all the snugglin' of that kid.

Peyton is growing so fast, it's all I can do to cling onto each moment before he is off doing something new and exciting. He is crawling, and walking around furniture. He loves cheerios and jabbering about who knows what. He loves going room to room exploring and playing with his toys - although his favorite is by far car keys.

We have been busy celebrating birthdays. Audrey turned FOUR on the 12th. We went to the pumpkin patch and had cupcakes, had lots of snuggles and played with fwiends. [I had my 'five' kiddos in one spot and can I just say I was in heaven!] The weather was perfect and Jeremy bought us deep fried oreos. Pure Perfections!

We also celebrated my 25th birthday last Sunday. This is my first birthday with little man and waking up to him and my man 'singing' happy birthday with a candle was the best! What better way to wake up! Drew got me an iPhone which I am already in love with due to seeing people's faces while talking to them! I know, I'm a few years behind, I've never used this thing called Skype but I'm a fan. Drew also showed of his patience and creative skills by making me a card with our 'family tree' on the front. After many tries he successfully got Peyton's hand print on it! What a guy.

We have also made many trips to Winston-Salem to see my family. Audrey had a Pinkalicious party, who wouldn't want to attend that?!? :) I LOVED spending the day with the birthday girl, her mama and brother. Then that evening we headed to a fall festival where the kiddos were Buzz, Woody, and miss ladybug and I got to get brother hugs from Jeremy! (excuse the phone pics, I left my camera at home)

Drew and I finished our first 8 weeks of the school semester. I only have 3 classes left until I am DONE with my bachelors! I am taking theology of the family and humanities this coming 8 weeks. Then all I have is a basic math class this spring and I am finished! YAY! Drew is still trucking away at his Masters in Discipleship and should finish this spring, although he might have to take one class this summer. He of course isn't just passing, but acing all of his classes. He is one of those sicking people who loves to learn and grades come easy for him. I say 'good for you, get your doctorate and roll in the dough!' HaHa, that's funny you see because in the ministry you're never really 'rolling in the dough.' :)

Peyton also celebrated his friend Kaehlen's first birthday party. We sure do love her and her parents!!

We've been super busy enjoying life. I'm sure there is more to tell for another day but for now, I'm off to relax a few moments before my cutie wakes up!



I thought this month would be easy. I think I may have thought wrong... This month is about shopping. Only spending out money in 7 places. I did the averaging of how many places we spend money at during a month and it was about 40. Not horrible, but definitely not great. SOOO, our 7 places are:

1. Bill Pay
2. Kroger
3. Lowes (we are working on house stuff)
4. Walmart (for emergency birthday presents, diapers, or gas if we are out of town)
5. Famous As (lots of options)
6. Chick Fil A (a must)
7. Hardees (breakfast, lunch and dinner... and close to our house)

Frankly we probably could have done a shop at 3 places, but I think 7 might just keep us a little more sane than last month. I'm sad it's during my birthday month, but we are allowed to go to other places if we aren't the ones spending the money. :) Hopefully our budget will thank us for this.


Hallelujah it is finished

This past month of 7 was by far the toughest. Drew and I did pretty well, although there were a few times we 'cheated'. Most of it was due to being respectful.

 There was this one time though where I drove to Winston-Salem with my mom and sweet but handful of a baby, and went to the mall where we had a horrible waiter, an almost 4 year old that wanted to do EVERYTHING, and a lost purse for a good hour. We were WORN. OUT. and treated ourselves to a cookie from the cookie company. I needed it and it was delightful. ;)

We did realize that food is a comfort, and when stresses of our lives get in our way, we go to food. This month we have gotten to rely on Jesus to fill our desires, which includes our chocolate or soda desires. 

Anywho, the month is over this household is doing the happy dance. Yay Chocolate cake!!!


I love my little family

Thanks Mary Wall for using your amazing photography skills to document my life. :) I love you


All to Bring You Glory

The morning sun paints the day
The waiting shore welcomes the waves
The wind and trees new songs create
The autumn cool turns the leaves.
The river runs to join the sea
The lily blooms the sparrow sings;

So how much more can I tell of who you are
When jealously you sought me out and won my heart?
And now by love redeemed, I tell my story,

A promise kept to Abraham
a sea that turned into dry land
The prophets' words revealed Your plan
Across the world the nations sing,
by mercy healed, by grace set free
And all for You, my beautiful King