Summer Days with Family

8 months!

Sadie Lady you're already 8 months old! Shew this month has flown by! You my dear have so much personality and it has been fun watching it come out! Your smile is super contagious - running from ear to ear and it always includes your eyes squinting! I just love it! You save your giggles for the big occasions... normally when you are being tickled or for when your Bubba is playing with you. He's so funny, isn't he?!?! :) You still stare more often than not... I guess taking it all in. Crazy girl.

This month you started out getting on your hands and knees, continued it by scooting backwards into corners, and finished it by crawling! I just love watching your wobbly, rock back and forth crawl. It makes me so happy! You love going places and can go really fast if you are on a mission (mainly if there is a cell phone sighting).Mama and Dada are so grateful you are crawling because when you are in our arms you are moving constantly!! Twist. Sit. Stand. Twist. Jump. Sit. Stand. Repeat. EXHAUSTING.

Your quirkiness is still shinning through with you shaking your head vigorously and chewing that tongue. It is almost constantly twisted in your mouth. That may have something to do with the fact you have gotten teeth 3,4, 5, & 6! Those teeth have served you well in your cheerio consumption! You love so many foods although pineapple did NOT sit well with you the other day. Note to Mama: it's too early for citrus. Maybe that is why the little squeeze pouches have ages on them. :) Oh, because of your top teeth you are gritting your teeth - lets stop that soon- the sound isn't very pleasant!

Alright little Missy let's have a conversation about sleeping... or the lack of sleeping. You are 8 months old and waking up 5-6 times a night was just too much. Soooo this week Dada and I have had to show some tough love. You were sleeping terribly, we were sleeping terribly... frustration and exhaustion abounded and it wasn't good for any of us. So Sunday night we decided to let you try to sleep without us constantly checking on you. We make sure you know we are here, about every 10 minutes, but want you to realize you can comfort yourself as well. Sunday night you cried from 12-2 (we still rocked you to sleep) and that was hard on us! Monday and Tuesday night you only cried from 8-8:30!! Then you realized you could go back to sleep and slept til 3 when you needed to eat! You are such a brave girl and we are so glad that you are getting better sleep! ( and we are too!) I guess you just needed some structure which we weren't giving you by rushing into your room. Go figure. :) Sure do love those nap time and 6 AM snuggles though!! :)

Those are the big things going on with you. Sure do love you and we are so proud of you crazy 8 month old!


We are good with spur of the moment trips. So we headed to Myrtle Beach the week of Drew's birthday with less than a weeks notice and it was wonderful! We headed after church Sunday night and the kids slept almost the whole way there... that is definitely the way to travel since there is no traffic! We slept in (well Peyton and Drew slept in, Sadie was still up by around 730). We spent Monday - Thursday swimming and playing in sand, feeding ducks, eating at restaurants that we don't have, and just enjoying the craziness that is a family with young kids! We consumed a lot of donuts, and celebrated Drew's birthday at Damen's - which gave Drew a free entree and desert ($30 value - woo hoo!)
 Relaxing it was not... memorable it was!