Three??? How can it be?!?!?

This sweet boy is 3 years old! You're such a tenderhearted boy that i can hardly stand the cuteness! You are shockingly helpful - that I occasionally have to take a deep breath since you want to do everything! You can dress yourself, go potty alone, buckle the top of y our car seat, and brush your teeth, among other things. You LOVE to help mama. You wash and rinse the dishes, like to vacuum and sweep, put soap in the dishwasher, assist me with the laundry, and put your clothes away. You also LOVE to make cookies, pancakes, cut salad stuff, and anything else we let you do it the kitchen. "I'm a chef, Mama!"

You are a mama's boy when it comes to your love for all things sweets! Anything chocolate will put a big smile on your face - and suckers make you downright giddy!

Oh the words that you say. I can't keep up with how quickly you are learning and growing.
- 'bit o bit o bit' - little bit
- 'don't let the lady bugs bite you when you go nigh night!' - don't let the bed bugs bite... every single night
- P EE Boy - peek a boo

You are learning so much so fast. I love all of the questions about Jesus. You asked me how to pray in October and you talk about your Bible stories all the time. Your favorite story is Goliath right now because you want to grow big like Daddy. You are eating excellent for that same reason, and often wear daddy's clothes because your so big for yours. You also make us touch your belly after you eat because 'it's so big and full!'

You just love to play. Building forts by taking all the blankest and pillows in the house make me a tad stressed - but you love it so much. Puzzles make you super proud of yourself! Drawing, play doh, reading, and singing are your favorites. You also have a few favorite games. 'tag your it' where you tag us and don't run away. 'hide and seek' in which you still come out before we find you. You say '1,2,3, are you Dada??' 'big t rex' you rawr and gets real big. Peyton, you also run from 'daddy monster' and 'sadie monster'. Sometimes you're legitimately scared Sadie is going to get you. Building towers is super fun and jumping off our bed onto pillows, or flipping on the couch shows us you are all boy. :)

Whenever I try to ask you what your favorite things are - food, color, show - or who your friends are - you say all of them. You can't leave anything out and I love that about you.

Your job is super important. Usually that job is digging rocks. You fill up buckets with water and then pile them high with rocks. You take it very seriously and work up a sweat. You also collect them. Every time with go to church, a restaurant, the Dr office, or basically anywhere, you want to find a rock to take with you. Again I say, it's your job.
You have been sick with so much since August. You've had Hand Foot Mouth and Strep Throat and a stomach bug and allergies. Surprisingly you were the only one in our house that didn't get the Flu over Christmas. YAY!

My sweet baby bubba (which you insist on me changing to 'big kid bubba' or 'big kid Peyton Andrew Hunsley Bubba') you are passionate and emotional. You like things in their places, are quick to get upset if something stresses you out, but are also super quick to calm down once you are reassured that everything is okay. I love that you trust us when we tell you we will fix things.

For you, snuggling is your favorite. You have rest time while Sadie sleeps and almost always want to do it in my lap in the recliner. If I say not now you always say ' but I wanna snuggle with you'. Be. Still. My. Heart.

Bedtime routine is still super important to you. You go potty and brush your teeth and then get your jimmies. Then we read a couple stories (usually Bible stories), pray (usually for your friends to sleep good), and then sing. Right now you want to sing your Christmas program songs every. single. night. Those are 'this little light of mine' 'away in a manger' 'cows go mooing' and 'we wish you a merry christmas' (which you told me tonight was your favorite). I sneak in 'Jesus loves you' and 'I love you' - A song Mama made up for you.  You enjoy looking at your shadows now - something that scared you last year. Daddy and I have been so proud of you for staying in bed after we leave the room. We make sure to check on you, but you used to have to fall asleep with us in the room. Now you go to bed like a big boy and it makes us so happy!

Words cannot express all of the things we think about you sweet boy. My heart overflows with adoration of the wonderful little boy you have been to us. You love us so much and we love you back even more. This year as a three year old promises to be one of excitement, patience, growth and a whole lot of love! Mama and Daddy are so proud of who you are becoming!


15 months and counting...

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 My sweet Sadie girl there is so much to say about you. You are 15 months old and growing like a weed. At the doctors office you weighed almost 24 pounds and were   inches long.Your hair is taking a lot longer to grow than you are which is slightly annoying for your Mama. I feel like new things are happening with you almost daily - and I love discovering what your little mind is learning. Watching you makes my heart happy... such as...

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The fact you say 'mama' 'dada' 'nahnah' 'baybay' 'ba' (book) and sign 'more, please, thank you, and all finished'. You have 3 signature faces which are all adorable. There's the surprised face - where you open your mouth super wide in an 'o' shape. The squinty smile which is just adorable. AND the glare, where you furl your eyebrows and I almost want to discipline you even though I know you don't know any better. 

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I love that you sleep through the night now. Bedtime is around 7 and you usually stay in bed until around 9. You also are more snuggly - even though it isn't for long periods of time, you definitely are more cuddly. You need more physical touch and want me to hold you a lot! You also love to read right now, and like to back into my lap and plop down with every book from your bookshelf. 

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You eat ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously you love to snack, but thankfully love the healthy stuff too. :) The bottle is gone, but you definitely love your milk! Toothbrushes are fascinating so at least you're keeping those pearly whites clean! (You have all but 1 of the teeth you're supposed to have, and you might have that one but you'd rather bite me than let me check!)

hide and seek, being super loud, splashing and loving your babies are a few things that make you happy. You squeeze your babies tight, and look for them and Elmo at bedtime. You dance every time music comes on, and request it all the time. Oh, and you my dear are a busy little bee. Nothing holds your attention for long, so you are definitely a tornado dropping things and moving on every minute or so.Discovering that crayons were for more than just eating was a relief to this Mama. Oh, can we take a moment to talk about the fact you run headlong into stuff, turn and keep on going. You only cry when you're exhausted... otherwise you don't even notice you just ran into a corner or door, or face-planted.

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Sadie, you are the typical younger sister who loves to get into whatever your brother does. He mostly loves you - hugging you and taking care of you - but you do tend to push a few buttons. I'm just praying the two of you will be best friends one day. 

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You've been sick a lot this fall/winter with the last bug being the flu at Christmas. Poor baby had a 103 temp on Christmas night but was trying to have a good time anyway. You sweet girl have been a huge, crazy, independent, opinionated, exhausting blessing to our home for the past 15 months. We can't wait to see what the next 15 hold. Oh, and I hope those chubby cheeks of yours stay forever because they are just so kissable!! Love you Sadie Beth!