Date #9 - Lunch and movies

This was the date Drew and I had last week, but better late than never right?? We have VBS all week so it was a whirl wind! Saturday was the first day we had NOTHING on the agenda and we were very excited!! Well, I had been planning for weeks for us to go tubing down the New River since we had a Saturday free but that's relaxing so it doesn't count as something on the agenda! :) Unfortunately, Saturday morning, after we spent several hours waiting for a guy to install our new hot water heater, I looked up directions for tubing and it was closed! The water level was too high, bummer. (Lauren, I guess we were not meant to go tubing! Maybe we should go together!) We went out for a late lunch to the Fork in the Alley. Two o'clock is the time to go, there wasn't any wait! :) Drew and I debated back and forth about going to see a movie. We NEVER do that anymore because of how ridiculously expensive so it would definitely be a treat. Unfortunately for us, we can't even splurge as a treat. Although we wanted to see several that were out, we didn't think any of them were worth spending that much. So what did we do?? We went to Movie Stars and bought 5 movies for the same price as a movie and popcorn of course! You know us and cheap movies! What did we do then?? You guessed it, we came home and watched two of them (one my pick and one Drew's) and completely vegged. It was awesome, you should try it sometime! :)

** Of course I didn't take pictures, Drew would have my head if I took picture in a restaurant and at a movie store. ;)


'Being Still' at the beach... nothing better!!

Starr and I headed out of town Thursday for a MUCH NEEDED break from the craziness of life. Her momma and a friend invited us, but her friend canceled so it was just us. 3 blondes beachbound! :) We went to Virginia Beach where we basically just ate, slept, walked around, ate lots of ice cream, and read on the beach. 7 hours a day of relaxing on the beach with a book and a friend. I honestly am having a hard time thinking of what could be better... besides being with my man of course! It was exactly what we hoped it would be and then we were able to come home and tackle the rest of this crazy summer!!


Books are my favorite!

I know that God's word is alive and can be applied in every part of my life. Way too often I lose sight of that and as a result His still small voice becomes impossible for me to hear. My life, plans, selfishness, and worries make me deaf to what God wants so desperately to tell me. I desire to know more verses. I want them to come to mind in every aspect of my life!

I went to Virginia Beach this past weekend with my wonderful friend Starr and her momma. Details about that to come, but I spent most of the weekend reading and it was so refreshing.

Drew wanted me to read Ruthless Trust which is a really good book so far but I can only take it in very small doses. So far I am getting the hunch it is about how people talk about faith so much but forget that trust in God HAS to happen in order for us to have faith in Him. I need to fully trust His character and what He is able to do and as a result I can have faith that He will follow through!!

I also started to read Karen Kingsbury books. I have heard a lot about her but have never pick up one of her books... I LOVE THEM! It is so neat to read about people struggling with God and miracles that He brings them through. I read a lot of fiction, but most is just 'junk food.' Even though it isn't wrong or bad, it is still not uplifting either. Well, her books so far have been different. The characters argue with God in their head, and verses come to mind right when they need them. That is something I have definitely slacked on. Memorizing verses. :( It definitely needs to change.

So anyway, I love reading and have been so encouraged/challenged by some amazing authors lately that have made me crave time with the Author of creation!


Date #8 - Randomness (dinner, shopping, ice cream)

This past week has been super busy for Drew and I. We have both been running like crazy, up early to bed late, and we needed some time together. Drew was going to plan this date (he saw a sign for rollerskating, not sure how I feel about that) but we ended up having date night on Monday and not Thursday which was the cheap rollerskating. So, we went to dinner and then headed to Target. :) I bought a new bathing suit for my beach trip this weekend and he bought an awesome shirt... no literally... it has an 'awesome meter' on it. Then we headed to the movie theater to check out time. Of course we were in the middle of showings so they had all already started and no other one started for an hour and a half. So since my husband knows me SO well, we headed over to Coldstone. I love ice cream. It makes my heart happy! :) We ended the evening at home resting, which was wonderful!! I am getting really bad at taking pictures, but I promise you I will have lots from my trip to Virginia beach this weekend!


Date #7 - Massanutten

I know I just posted a date but I'm a little behind. Forgive me, I've been busy.

Today Drew and I took the teens from church up to the water park at Massanutten. I know, I know, we were with teenagers how could that possibly classify as a date?? You may be shocked to hear this, but teens don't usually hang out with their leaders at events. Sure they like us, but they disappear pretty quickly when let loose. :) So besides the occasional tubing with some kids and eating dinner with them, we pretty much had the day to ourselves. It was wonderful! Now, if you haven't been to Massanutten, it is definitely smaller than Emerald Pointe but in some ways better.

1. You saw the teens regularly so didn't have to worry about what they were up to.
2. There was a really cool water tree house thingy that you could basically spray whoever you wanted with water and they couldn't get mad at you (Drew enjoyed that part).
3. It is more inside than outside, so although we had two crazy storms throughout the day, we were still able to keep swimming!

Drew and I were able to relax in the lazy river for probably hours of our day total. :) We laid out in the sun, tried some goofy kid stuff, and enjoyed the bigger slides. I'd say that definitely qualifies as a wonderful date with my man. :) Now, an early bedtime is a must after all that relaxing!

Date #6 - Relaxing

So our date last week wasn't really exciting. We spent several evenings together but have been so worn out from all the social stuff that we didn't really feel like doing anything. One night we tried a new stir fry. It was one of the P90X recipes which was good but not my favorite. We also watching the Office (which is a common occurrence in the Hunsley household) and just enjoyed being together and still. I have a feeling that there will be a couple nights like that coming up. It seems all the summer activities were in May and now all throughout the end of July/August period. We are trying to take one day at a time and enjoy each adventure as it comes. So when there isn't an adventure to be had, we will most likely be eating home cooked meals, watching the office, and just being still. I like it like that! :)

It tasted better than it looks!