Gingerbread Making

 We headed to nay nay's this year to decorate gingerbread men. It was so much fun, even if Peyton knocked over the house many times and ended up with the walls as the roof and vice versa... Sadie slept until it was almost time to go... There was a ton of sugar consumed including Oreos of course, and lots of snuggles. We like to snuggle.

 "OHHHH!!!!" (meaning "Oh no I knocked it down again!")

Aunt Katie tries to hold Sadie Lady, but Norah sure does get jealous! She starts whimpering the moment she sees Mama with another baby!


Hunsley Christmas (Part One)

Bryan and Sarah are not going to be around for actual Christmas so we spent time with Drew's family last Saturday and exchange gifts with them. The boys cooked breakfast and we enjoyed a quite morning talking, opening a few presents, and snuggling. :)


some of his favorite things

my bathroom sick - playing with water, brushing his teeth, using it to draw on - you name it he loves it
trying on our clothes... I find him in some interesting get-up
sliding - and being outside in general
driving in cars - oh my word he would do this all day if he could
his baybay... he loves his sister

playing on a stool in the kitchen - here he is 'microwaving' his muffin
tickle time with Daddy - he says 'more more' anytime Drew stops tickling him
puppets... it's a blues close episode that cracks him up every time
standing on his head... and jumping

playing golf with daddy



We stayed home this year for Thanksgiving, and family came to us. My mom, the Naff clan, and Memaw and Larry came for yummy food and chaos with the littles. My is it chaotic with five kids five and under. I can already see friendships forming and I just love thinking about those cousins beings close forever! It was a day full of food, running around, painting, watching the parade, playing Kinect, playing outside in the perfect weather, attempting some Christmas pictures, and a whole lot of loving! We were so grateful that no one got sick... although Owen ended the day with stitches and by Saturday my mom had the flu. :( Oh well, holidays with this family can't possibly be 'adventure' free!