Sadie's First Birthday

Birthdays are a big deal around our house. I don't care that Sadie is only one and won't remember it, we are SO grateful that she is our little girl so her day was filled with fun. :) We woke her up to lots of balloons.

Daddy went into work late so he could have breakfast with the birthday girl. She had a yummy cinnamon roll, which based on her reaction did NOT disappoint. :)

While Daddy went to work we went to Nay Nay's to play. She has a fun park and Peyton and Sadie LOVE climbing the double slides. Nay Nay and Mama on the other hand, get exhausted QUICKLY! 

Peyton can't go to Nay Nay's without snuggling in her cozy bed awhile, especially since he fell off of the climbing wall. :( 

The ride home was super quiet, and we all rested a little before Daddy came home. 

Then we played chalk - because that's a favorite in this house, and headed to Chili's for dinner. It wasn't planned, but Peyton wanted fry fries and once we got there we remembered that Peyton had his first birthday dinner at Chili's as well. He was sang to and got ice cream - and so was Sadie. 

It was such a fun day, and exhausting that we forgot to let Sadie open her present and we didn't even give her cake because she had ice cream at Chili's. So the next morning we celebrated a little more. :) 

I think Sadie felt pretty special on her birthday and we feel pretty special to be her family!


Sadie's One!

My dear Sadie Lady. You made it to a year. There were definite days that we were surprised by that due to your crazy spastic personality, but you did it. You may have given your Mama a few wrinkles and your daddy less hair, but you are definitely a joy in our life! I cannot imagine our family without you and I'm already proud of the baby you are today!

You light up our day with you crinkly eyed smile and those big round cheeks! The fact you reach for us and kick your legs when you're excited makes this Mama's heart happy! You can wave, and say Mama and Dada and Nah Nah. You can sign all done, and grunt if you need more. :) You know what you want and make yourself known until we figure it out! It's pretty amusing when we try to take away your snack cup and your not finished yet!

You love to play with phones, throw balls, chew on your little people, and get into anything your brother has. You lunge towards us and are no taking 7-8 steps, which I think qualifies as walking! You love being outside the most, although it means you want to climb up and down the steps, which is EXHAUSTING!  You love bubbles, and being in the bathtub, and honestly just being on the go. You only have one speed and that is full throttle under you pass out!

Sleeping is not your strong suite - you still wake up a couple times a night. I keep blaming it on the allergies or your teething but honestly I don't know how much longer I can do that! You must love those middle of the night snuggles!

Eating on the other hand, is your favorite. You love peas, anything bread (pancakes, sandwiches, muffins, etc) yogurt and fry fry chips. You also are doing great with regular milk!

Sadie you were our Sadie Lady but are now usually referred to as Sadie Monster because of your craziness. Either way you are an outgoing beauty who loves everyone and makes every one's day better! I just love you and know that God has some great plans for you spunky girl! Our prayer is that this next year is an even better year than the one we've already had with you. We pray it is full of love and life and moments to help you know Jesus better! We love you sweet girl!!