6 months

Sadie is 6 months old now and boy has it been a crazy month! Newborn stage has quickly left and we now have a baby who cackles and smiles and sits and eats food and plays. She reaches for me when I come to get her and gets excited/smiles real big whenever daddy comes in the room!

She had her kidney procedure a few weeks ago and everything came back normal! She was such a champ being strapped in like that and tilted every which way! She cried a little but once she grabbed Daddy's finger she held tight and calmed down.

She is all about some physical touch - just like her brother. She hugs us and likes our faces close to hers when she's falling asleep. She holds our fingers with both hands which is just so stinkin' cute.

She was seriously off her schedule when she got home from the hospital. It was really frustrating because she went from only waking up once, to waking up every hour! It took us a couple weeks but she is in her own bed to sleep now. She still wakes up a bunch, a couple times to eat and a couple times she just needs a paci and our hand close by. I'll take it for now but I sure am sleepy! She definitely eats to soothe which is frustrating at times but I remind myself often that I'll miss this one day. Sleep can wait!

She is rolling all over the places, can slowly scoot in circles, and is just starting to sit a decent amount of time with no support. This is SOOO helpful with it comes to playing with her and Peyton when I'm alone. I LOVE that we are in the stage of playing together and I don't have to constantly have her in my arms when Peyton wants me!

Sadie is eating a few solids now. She eats Oatmeal, Avocado, carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes. She tried butternut squash but was NOT a fan.

There are a few things that makes her uniquely Sadie. She shakes her head really fast, she loves to chew her tongue, and she drools more that any baby I've ever met. She's had her 2 teeth since 4 months, and there are no signs of more, but boy can she drench a shirt! She grunts looong and loud like she is having some personal issues, but it is just her. ;)

This girl still stumps us as to who she distinctly looks like, although she favors me more. Her hair often looks red, and has pinch-able chubby cheeks. Oh, and that smile... she smiles with her eyes and it just melts. my. heart.