11 months!

 Sadie girl I feel like all I do is write updates about you! It is crazy how fast you are growing and how fast time is flying! This  month was mostly spent in our house seeing as how you were sick most of it. You were grumpy that's for sure but who could blame you? You ended up having Strep throat (runny nose, cough, sore throat and a nasty looking rash) , falling down the basement steps (not a single bruise thankfully) , whacking your face on the floor ( busted gums), and had to be patient while your brother had a stomach bug, strep, and Hand Foot Mouth. While we are glad this month is over, we also want to celebrate the positive things about the month!!

You are our Sadie monster, and you now growl any time we call you that - and any time you feel like making noises. You are a babbler, and say mama, dada, and nah nah still. You are LOUD and make it known anytime you want something. Your grunts, and cries, and happy squeals - all loud. Sadie diaper changes are the worst and you let your lovely attitude known - Dada calls you a turtle because you HATE being on your back. You still just sign 'all done' but we are working on 'more'.

Sadie you finally have slept through the night a hand full of times and that makes us so happy! You only take one nap a day which lasts a couple hours, but since you sleep a good 12 - 13 hours at night we're good with that! You still love your blankets and pacis, and will now hand us your favorites before we get you out of your bed. I loved it when Peyton used to do that!

You have taken a step and can stand alone, but we wouldn't say you were walking yet. It's coming though! You wave at people and still like to take their fingers. You lunge towards people, usually collapsing in their laps and taking them by surprise. You never sit still and are definitely our crazy child. Sadie you shake your head for fun, and are just starting to nod - usually to get laughs out of us. You, my dear, climb on everything - I've found you on the couch, chairs, and even trying to scale the oven.

You like pushing your riding toys, touch and feel puppy book, anything Peyton is playing with, throwing balls, and sticking everything in your mouth. You love my phone, remotes, and turning the TV on and off (who could blame you, it's a bright button right at your eye level. ;) You climb steps like it's your job, and do a great job of backing down which is comforting. Sadie, you love water, your cozy coupe, swinging, and just being outside in general. Oh, and music, you like to bounce when you hear music. I just love that. :)

You would eat all the time if we would let you. Of course feeding yourself is the best, but shew, you make a mess! Let's get real for a second, you also pick your nose like it's going out of style, and usually lick your fingers afterwards. Chewing on your toes is also a favorite pastime, along with chewing on your arm - which I relate to teething?? Or perhaps you are letting us know we don't feed you enough?? :)

Sadie Lady, you may be our wild child, but you let me have quick snuggles - which I cherish. You light up a room and definitely help there not to be any dull moments in our house. We love you and wouldn't trade you for all the calm nights in the world. Next stop, your first birthday!! WHAT?? :)