The plumber came. We are still getting quotes but it looks pretty stinkin' grim. My initial reaction when Drew told me the news over the phone at Chuck E Cheese was tears. (Of course, what did you expect from a 32 week pregnant lady! For those of you who forgot, it was almost a year ago exactly that it was raining from our kitchen ceiling due to a bust pipe.)

I wanted to go to a corner and just pray. but I was with two kiddos in Chuck E Cheese.

My next reaction was fix-it mode. How can Drew and I lower our Christmas budget, should we ask for the remainder of our baby needs for Christmas presents so we don't have to purchase them? Should we stay home this weekend instead of going on our much needed over-night getaway this Saturday night... After all, we hear it's really good to get away for a few days before a baby comes, but is that wisest right now?

My mind has been wondering all evening how this delightful rather high bill is for our good. I know it is because my Jesus says it is, but sometimes reasoning is hidden for a time. I'm not a fan of that.

I  got out my journal, bible, and 'Jesus Calling' book at home. I think I have mentioned it before, but it's a pretty good book of reminders! Today's excerpt was the following:

Problems are part of life. They are inescapable: woven into the very fabric of this fallen world. You tend to go into problem-solving mode all too readily, acting as if you have the capacity to fix everything. This is a habitual response, so automatic that it bypasses your conscious thinking. Not only does this habit frustrate you, it also distances you from ME. 
 Do not let fixing things be your top priority. You are ever so limited in your capacity to correct all that is wrong in the world around you. Don't weigh yourself down with responsibilities that are not your own. Instead, make your relationship with Me your primary concern. Talk with Me about whatever is on your mind, seeking MY perspective on the situation. Rather than trying to fix everything that comes to your attention, ask Me to show you what is truly important. Remember that you are en route to heaven, and let your problems fade in the light of eternity.

Psalm 32:8 - I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go: I will guide you with My eye.
Luke 10:41&42 - And Jesus answered and said to her, "Martha,, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things, But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her."
Philippians 3:20&21 - For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.

Wow. Way to slap me back into perspective. It's true though. I freak out about money and want to find ways to fix it... I think in that way I often limit my Jesus from showing up and doing something great, even if that is simply teaching me a life lesson.

I KNOW my Jesus is good. I KNOW He will supply all of my needs. I KNOW it will be in His perfect timing. Because He says so. In the mean time, I wait, & stay connected to what He is telling me to do, not what I think I need to do.



Saturday morning, Drew woke up to Katie yelling up the steps that there was water coming out of our bathroom... and laundry room... Dad and Drew cleaned it up and attempted to fix whatever clog there was without a plumber...

Sunday our house was pretty stinky.

Monday morning we called the plumber, and he fixed a clog in the main sewer line within a couple hours. Yay for being able to flush toilets and take showers again!

Tonight, while the washer was running, we heard gurgling noises coming from the laundry room. Sure enough... water was coming out of the drain again... and in the downstairs bathroom... Dumb. I had just washed the rug in there.

Tomorrow morning, we will be calling said plumber again and demanding asking him nicely to come back and fix the problem... for real this time.


too. cute. for. words.

 2 happy kiddos + 70 degree weather in November + promises of a park if they take some pictures first = adorable Christmas shots. 'Nuff said.


Counting My Blessings

for a goofy husband that can always make me laugh, gross me out, hold me tight, listen when I need to vent, gets giddy about our baby, and massage my sore back when it's been a long day.

for a healthy baby boy living inside of me, his kicks to let me know he's here, and the love that comes from being his mommy already!

for friends that stand in the cold to take maternity pictures, make brownies even when I shouldn't eat them, allow Drew and I enjoy her 3 wonderful kids who are full of life and excitement, and give the best hugs!

chats with my marine buddy... it's been too long!

watching a gorgeous bride make a covenant before God and all her friends to love her best friend forever

anticipation of snuggles with babies

getting told that she "loves me in the whole wide world"

a clean smelling & looking house

being overwhelmed with gifts, hugs, and thoughtfulness when celebrating my baby boy

all the chocolate and sugar I can't eat now, but in two months can each again

being surprised by money showing up places you didn't expect it

knowing that I will NEVER be alone in life, no matter where it takes me

seeing a low number when taking my blood sugar

Duke winning many games = happy husband

buying that first Christmas gift... the feeling of productivity

forever friends

My Jesus. Enough said.


My Dear Bethany

 I've known Bethany since I was in kindergarten. I was in the same grade as her older brother, but carpooled with their family to hang out with her. I am not going to lie, I didn't always treat her the best. :) We were tight friends, and I may have taken advantage of the fact she was younger than me, and she did what I said, because she loved me. I know I know, me, bossy?? never! HA!

 We spent hours upon hours at each others houses, playing barbies, skating outside, eating her mommas yummy monster cookies or her dad's delicious enchiladas. When she moved to Baltimore, it didn't stop us from making time from each other. I would spend a week at a time up there living with their family. I'm a fan of every. single. one. of. them.

 Bethany is one of those forever friends. A friend where nothing would change in our relationship if we hung out every day or didn't see each other for months at a time. Well, she got married this past weekend, to an amazing man that loves God as much as Bethany does.

 Drew actually told me on the way home from the wedding, that you can tell whether a couple loves God more than each other based on their wedding. He said that although he has had very few conversations with Nick, and not many more with Bethany, that this wedding was one of those weddings.
He is right. Nick and Bethany will make it for the long haul, because they love God more than each other. You can see it in their future plans, their desires and passions. They absolutely love each other, there is no doubt about that, but they love God even more. I couldn't be happier for my forever friend to be married to this man of God, and I was thrilled to be a part of her special day! (So was Peyton! :))


Dear life, [49]

please. slow. down.

As you have already seen from previous posts, it was a busy weekend. Well, it hasn't slowed down.

Monday, after working all day, we had our first Lamaze class. It was pretty informative, I think we will enjoy it. Drew is big about soaking in as much information as possible so that's helpful. I then headed home to finish multiple homework assignments that were due by mid-nights. Don't judge, it's been crazy, oh and I hate am not a fan of philosophy.

Tuesday, I was finally able to get adequate sleep. I've been sick for about 10 days now, and was actually up til 1 coughing like crazy. Thankfully I was able to sleep well once I fell asleep. I woke up, did some housework, and headed to meet Drew at church at 1:30. We had our Diabetes Care class from 2-4 where I received my meter and met with a Dietitian. I'm very optimistic that I can handle this, all I want is a healthy baby at the end!  We went to Toys R Us and Wal-mart to return a couple things we got duplicates of at our shower.  (Side-note: Wal-mart now does not let you return things without a receipt unless you buy something to exchange it right then. They will no longer give you a gift card to use later... DUMB) We grabbed a quick dinner and then headed to a baby care class from 6:30 - 9. It was pretty informative, and Drew feels more comfortable with some of the basics. He hasn't been around a ton of babies. The RN was in-depth and gave us a lot of good information. We then headed home to watch the Duke game and then bed! Talk about information overload! phew.... long day! Definitely qualifies as a date day though!

Wednesday I came home from work and Drew was putting together all things baby. The pack-n-play is together, high chair, car-seat, and monitors are out of their boxes... I starting taking tags off of clothes. It was fun taking a few minutes to think about our boy and his coming arrival! I made dinner, he went to church, we caught up on some snuggle/ tv watching. There are several new shows out we have been getting hooked on. It's definitely our down-time ritual. I'll have to do a post on some of our favorites, but Wednesday night it was New Girl and The Middle. 

Thursday my goal was to accomplish as much homework and cleaning as possible. It's one of the only days I have to work on it... yikes! Bible study that night.

This weekend is jammed packed with wonderful wedding festivities for me, and Fast for the Valley for Drew and the youth group. My friend since kindergarten, Bethany, is getting married and I am so excited to be a part of her big day! She is marrying a wonderful man and I just know God has great things prepared for them! More to come on that when it happens! ;)

Dear life, please. slow. down.


All things girly... while celebrating a boy

I have an amazing boss and wonderful mother-figures! They made my Sunday afternoon super special celebrating Peyton with many of my favorites! Some of the ladies that attended I've known since Kindergarten, others I've met within the past two years and many in-between, but each one of them have played an important part of my life. They make me feel so blessed and I couldn't ask for better influences to be involved in my baby's life!

We headed downtown Roanoke to my boss's bakery for a girly evening. Gourmet pizza, delicious chocolate cake, lots of time to chat, and oo's and ahh's over my Peyton's presents! I was so excited about this day, because I was going to have so many people that I love in the same place. I am so grateful that for the most part I feel like I got to catch up with most of them. I couldn't have asked for a better time! I think you have heard me say this before, but I am so blessed!


'Surprise' Shower

There are so many wonderful ladies at our church. They wanted to throw me a baby shower and it was great! Peyton is so blessed to have so many people excited about his arrival! We played a few games, had some yummy snacks (they altered the menu slightly due to my diabetes, but still had cake!), opened presents, and just caught up with each other. Thanks Oakland for a wonderful Saturday afternoon!!


5 pricks later.

My 3 hours glucose test was this morning. Unfortunately I didn't do so well. Well, I guess I could say I thoroughly didn't pass, so I did that well. I went in and my blood sugar was 82... good. Drank the yummy super sugary drink

(which by the way... if you are about to tell someone they are diabetic, by giving them a ton of sugar and watch it not break down right in their body, I think you should at least give them tons of chocolate to hike up the blood sugar, not a yucky drink... seriously, my last bit of sugar was not satisfying to say the least.)

anyway after the first hour my blood sugar should have been 180 or below... mine was 220. Bad. After the second hour it should have been 155 or below... they pricked me twice because the first time it was still 220 and she couldn't believe it. The second time it was 216. Believe it, my body isn't doing somehting right. :( Bad. So they diagnosed me with gestational diabetes but wouldn't let me know because they wanted to make sure my levels came down. So.... an hour later... 196. Still bad. but they let me leave. For that I was grateful because I was hungry.

This means that I will go see a Diabetes specialist next Tuesday, get a monitor so I can check my blood sugar 4 times a day and they will let me know all the details of what I need to watch for. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of blood and might have to have Drew come to work to prick my finger for me... We shall see how that works out for me. This also means that my diet seriously alters... good-bye starches and sugars. For those of you that know me well, baked potatoes and chocolate are my favorites. Thanksgiving and Christmas might be a tad difficult, but I was just told by my friend who had diabetes her second pregnancy that sugar can be consumed as soon as baby is out. She had Bubblecake for breakfast... pretty sure I'm with her on that one!! :)

I am super grateful that I have Lauren (the friend above) and Brandon who has regular diabetes that can help me figure out the system and survive the holidays! :) 

I also am blessed with my momma and friend Mandy who said they would both diet with me. While they have slightly other reasons for doing it, they ultimately just want me to have support. As long as I don't hear that they cheat, you know since they can, I'm fine with that. Drew also will be great I'm sure, although I know he will be drinking the soda when I'm not looking. :)

Mandy, when I told her this morning it looked like she was going on a sugar free diet, this was her response...

"Yay! Praise God that doctors can have the technology to help keep Peyton healthy! But I'm very sorry for the changes and inconvenience this may be. When it gets hard remind yourself that food is meant to nourish your body. Sugar is just a delicious treat. :(."

Exactly. I want Peyton healthy, and if I could stay away from cookie dough this whole pregnancy, surely I can stay away from sugar for a couple months! And that's right, according to my nurse, as long as I keep an eye on my blood sugar, I could still have a completely normal delivery.. I just have to be careful because diabetes can lead to a bigger baby which can lead to difficulties during labor. So glad I have a God that already knows they details of mister Peyton and has his whole life in his hands!


On Oreos, Ladybugs, and Lost

 Halloween for me simply means spending time with friends and eating candy. :) Drew and I were blessed to be able to do both this year. Our friends had a fall party, and while we never dress up for things, we did this year and actually had fun doing it! I also attempted home-made Oreos, which I meant to take  a picture of but forgot. They were simply delicious! And not too difficult to make. Thanks Katie for the recipe!

 Kaehlen was the perfect ladybug, although I heard there were many other cute ladybugs out there! She sure does have a great mommy, and daddy, that find her irresistible!

 Drew and I as Jack and Claire from Lost. There weren't many options to dress up as with a big belly, but we are huge fans of the TV show Lost and enjoyed getting it together!
Claire and Poison Ivy.
My choir buddies at the Fall Festival at church! :) I definitely want to be like them when I get older!