Drew turned 22 yesterday. I hated that he spent a chunk of it at work and then cleaning pools, but then we were able to go to Red Lobster. That was definitely a treat for him (not for me, I hate anything fishy). Afterward, we came home and relaxed, something that does not get done around this house-hold NEARLY enough. Oh, and he received Tiger Woods golf for Wii which is what he is playing below.
Today we had the tournament for our youth volleyball team (Drew and I coach). They played so hard but ended up losing. I was pleased with them though because we stuck with them, they were just a better team. Lots of cleaning, errands, pools, dinner with family, and movie watching was also able to get done on this Saturday. I would say it has been a good weekend so far!

Can I just say that I am a tiny, okay a LOT excited about this next week. On Wednesday Drew and I are heading to Florida for my friend Mandy's wedding... I kinda like her, ALOT :) She was also in my wedding so it will be so much fun being able to be in hers. Anyway, the wedding is in Malabar Florida, but we have decided to take a road trip and visit several places. We are going to Savannah GA (Can anyone say Lady and Sons?), Malabar FL (3 days with my Mandy), Orlando FL (Downtown Disney.. AKA all the free stuff.. well if i don't buy anything at the shops, ahem..), Clearwater FL (sand in my toes and pretty water), Atlanta GA (two Braves games), and then Winston-Salem NC to visit Jeremy for his birthday! As you can tell, I'm a little excited about this getaway with my man. :)




We went on an adventure! :) Sunday afternoon we went to hike McAfee's Knob. First off, Starr is the only one who had hiked it before so the rest of us didn't fully understand how long it was. (about 8 miles there and back) Second, we started this hike at almost 5 so we were racing against the sun coming down. Third, well let's just say I have a weak hip and ankle so I was limping before we even reached the top. It sure was worth it for the view. God sure does love us... He provided great things like this to enjoy.

How can you not stop and praise Him for how mighty He is after seeing this?!?!?

You Are

Incase, you are not aware, I am in the choir at my church (Oakland Baptist Church). Our worship pastor really emphasizes making sure we are individually right with God before we lead the church in worship. One of the songs we are singing has been extremely encouraging to me as it truly states who Jesus is. It is called 'You Are' by Mark Roach and I want to share the words with you!

You are Holy, You are Faithful, You are Savior You are Friend. You are all I'll ever need Lord You are.
You are every question's answer You are every reason why; You are moving You are still Lord You are.

You are the Lord on High! You are the Way, the Truth, the Life. You are the Word made flesh, You are the Bright, Morning Star

You are Glory hallelujah You are hope of peace on earth; You are Alpha and Omega You are. You are Comfort You are Refuge, You are Love Personified; You are Kindness and Compassion You are.

You are my God and my King. You are the words that I sing, You are the reason I make this offering.



YUCKY! Drew and I found tons of these all over our house (mainly our kitchen but we found some in the bathroom as well). We have been spraying and putting out ant poison since Wednesday and we are finally seeing some result. Although, I just looked in my dishwasher and I found about 15 of the crazy critters. Thankfully, our dog Hiro has survived even though he has chewed on two of the ant traps..

Drew also came in the same day we found the ants to inform me a hornet's nest was being built by our shed... Thankfully, he only saw 1 and was able to spray that one down before that unwanted family moved in as well!! Welcome to home ownership!!


My prayer this week.

Do you ever feel extremely overwhelmed? Do you feel like you care too much, worry about everything, take on the world's problems, or feel helpless as so many need help and you can't do anything about it??? I've felt all of those things a lot this week. My thoughts are in overload and I feel lost as to what to do about everything that is going on in my life. This morning I was reading in Psalm 115. Verses 9,10 and 11 all have the following phrase in it... "He (the Lord) is their help and their shield." So right then I wrote a list of everything I was worrying and thinking about, and then I asked Christ to help me by taking all of these things. He wants me to give Him my cares. He cares about me and will give me the strength to handle difficult things, BUT I have to ask Him to help me. Then I have to trust that He will protect me from those worries. He will shield me from them and I can rest in Him. I know this, BUT I will tell you it's really difficult to do. THAT is my prayer for this week.

The Fray

Drew and I went to The Fray concert at Liberty last Monday. It was a great concert and we had third row seats! Sarah and Bryan were with us and it was so good getting to hang out with them! The next morning Drew went out to eat with his friend Ryan (his best man from our wedding) and I went to Panera with Bethany for some much needed catch up time! Bethany is going on a missions trip with her boyfriend Nick this summer. If you think about it be praying for them because God has already been teaching them flexibility as some plans have already been changed! I am so excited about how the two of them are going to be used by God this summer!