Date #21 - Chick Fil A with Kiddos

This might be stretching it a little bit, but it is the closest we got to a date this week. As I mentioned before, Drew, Jeremy, and I took Audrey, Mason, and Kylee to Chuck E Cheese on Friday. Well, Jeremy got sick there and went home, so Drew and I took care of the kids. We did NOT want to eat greasy pizza (which was a smart decision knowing that it would not be staying down later that night) so we headed to Chick Fil A. Let's just say having a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 1 1/2 year old is quite an adventure. Drew definitely made a comment on how "Mary is a saint!" It's true, she is. ;) 

Anyway, everyone had a good time, and Drew and I were able to talk a little about life and kids. We also talked about how easily marriages can break as a result of kids. Children are wonderful, but couples MUST take time for each other alone. Just spending this week with our niece and nephew showed us that we hadn't really talked all week... and they aren't even ours! We both agree it is so good we are establishing "date night" now, before kids. Thanks Lauren for the encouragement to stop thinking about it and do it! 

Except for having to climb in the play place to get a scared Kylee from the corner, it was an uneventful trip. Everyone got home safely, and took really good naps! :) As I write this I realize that 'no kids' were part of the rules for date night... but that was your own, right??


Relaxing Despite the Chaos

When looking up the word chaos in the dictionary, it informed me that the word means, "a condition or place of great disorder or confusion." PERFECT. That is a great summary of the past week. Disorder is not always a bad thing, because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the chaos. On Friday, Katie, Jeremy, Audrey, Owen and Mom came to stay with Drew and I. Not Friday as in yesterday, Friday a week ago. I was so excited to spend a huge amount of quality time with them, and am grateful looking back, that I did. :) It was slightly chaotic though. Here is a run down...
  • mom rolled her ankle after only being here an hour
  • Drew painted the youth room Friday and Saturday... lots of work but looking good!
  • I was privileged to take family pictures of the Naffs on Saturday... perfect weather! :) Crazy active 2 year-old
  • Sunday lunch at Momar and Dadaddy's (grandparents)... good food and conversations... with church before and after.
  • 3 of my toothbrushes were stolen by sneaky Audrey
  • I think 3 or 4 toilet paper rolls (whole, unrolled) were stuffed in the toilet.. I lost count, but Audrey thoroughly enjoyed herself
  • I worked all week except Thursday, and always hurried home to cuddle my niece or nephew and chat with my sister and mom... one night I actually forgot to go tell Drew hello when I got home. Whoops!
  • Audrey got sick Monday, Katie got 'it' Wednesday night, Mom somewhere in between and Jeremy Friday morning.
  • Thanksgiving morning/early afternoon Drew and I spent time with his parents and Nathan. We missed Bryan but had a great relaxing time! I thought I would be stuffed, having two thanksgivings, but there was a good amount of time in between.
  • Chuck E Cheese with Drew, Jeremy, Audrey, Mason, and Kylee on Friday... there is the definition of chaotic right there
  • Drew and I had a lot of plans for this weekend which included sanitizing the house, schoolwork, Christmas decorating, shopping, cleaning the car, Drew preaching on Sunday, etc... We had no obligations but being together and we were SO excited! 
  • Friday evening I get sick, sometime around 2 AM Saturday, Drew gets sick. We spend the day in separate rooms with mixing bowls beside us... i know, TMI.
  • We are both weak and have fevers, but are optimistic that the worst is behind us... phew!
  • Here's to hoping tomorrow is a productive day!

 Can you tell that our chaotic thanksgiving revolved around two cuties... because it definitely did!


Prayers of Thanksgiving

Do I really need to say anything about how thankful I am, I mean, clearly you can see I'm thankful. Here are a few reasons I have to be amazed by God's provisions.

  • Drew loves me through good times and bad.. I have been blessed with him as a best friend for almost 7 years
  • I have a job with flexibility to go on adventures with two cuties!
  • I'm healthy, which means I can enjoy yummy food with little consequence. 
  • I'm holding a 15 day old baby right now, THAT'S the life
  • a whole week having my family under 1 roof again
  • answered prayers
  • a wonderful church where Drew and I can serve our Savior
  • my 'home' not 'house' is cozy warm 
  • My Jesus conquered the grave, for me
  • feather pillows
  • lazy mornings
  • apple pie
  • hopes for the future
  • a way to keep in touch with friends from all over (Facebook, blogger)
  • teens that make me laugh, and ones I can jam to country music with
  • late night God talks with Drew, or with some great friends
  • family that loves God and are the examples I need
  • belly-aching laughter
  • His Grace is sufficient for me!
See, see! Thank you God. I don't deserve anything, and yet you provided over and beyond!!


Date #20 - frazzled

Date night recap:

overly exhausted wife
overly understanding and wonderful husband
an hour cooking side-by-side chatting it up
chicken, pasta, corn, zucchini
heart-felt God talk
cozied up watching 'Grownups'
washing piles of dishes... together
bed, it's a wonderful thing


My favorite Niece and Nephew

 Audrey quite enjoyed climbing on the sink and getting everything out of the medicine cabinet. I don't know why mom and I bothered cleaning up. She also had all the toothbrushes and toothpastes in her hand, and as she was leaving the bathroom, realized she didn't have mine, so she opens the cabinet under the sink and grabbed it.. How in the world did she know she didn't have one??
 A loves her Dew. I think she needed someone energetic after she drained mine and mom's!
Headed to Chuck E Cheese. A was styling!
This was us on Wednesday evening. We were whipped. I sure did enjoyed my snuggle time though!!

 Meeting Owen Tyler. I sure do love him!
 Mmmm.... Chili's chips and salsa are THE best. period.
 Uncle Dew meeting Owen. :)
 This is my favorite picture! I love the Mohawk!
 Rise and shine bright eyes!

He did have his thumb in his mouth. Now it looks like he is waving good-bye. :)

This is Owen when he is 2 days old.
and this is Audrey when she is 2 days old. :) Aren't they the cutest???


What a crazy week of blessings!

The life of a wonderful great grandma (Elsie Farmer)
A new nephew (Owen)
Quality time with my wonderful niece (Audrey)
Seeing my husband after a crazy week
Singing every word of Carrie Underwood's songs!
Homemade food!
Late night talks with a friend
Fun times with the youth
Pretty fall drives
Challenging messages at church
Getting to know new friends
Understanding teachers
Rejoicing in the Lord ALWAYS
Walking downtown in the cold

God is Good. All the Time!


All American Girl

Friday night I was able to experience my first country concert. I know I know, I have been a country music fan forever, but I have never been a huge concert goer. I believe that is changing... Anyway, I went to the Carrie Underwood concert with some great friends! As I was sitting through the first two acts ( Sons of Sylvia and Billy Currington) I was thinking about how different it was from my normal christian concert. I leaned over to Lauren and mentioned how weird it was to not stand up and praise God. Usually when I'm in a big crowded environment I'm singing worship with people. I let go of that thought as Carrie started. She was a really good performer, and I quite enjoyed her swinging through the air, and also the flying truck. ;) About halfway through the concert, she sings her hit "Jesus take the wheel" and at the end, sings "How great thou art" A Capella. Between that, and her song "temporary home" I was able to spend those minutes praising God and thanking him for being great. I was also able to think of my grandma and how we are all just passing through this world on our way to eternity with Him. I admire Carrie for being firm in her believes and keeping priorities in her concerts!!
The next day my grandma was talking about how Mamaw's favorite song was "How great thou art" and wanted it sung at her funeral... It's too bad Carrie had to leave, it sure would have been nice of her to come sing for us. ;)


Mamaw Farmer

I am so thankful that my Jesus died so that we can be with Him forever. My Mamaw Farmer is now free of suffering and living in Paradise with our Savior. She has been such an amazing great grandma and I will miss her dearly, we all will. I still can't believe we were blessed to have her here for 101 years! I enjoyed hearing her stories and love for the Lord. I know that my Jesus said, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

This is our temporary home, it's not where we belong,
Windows and rooms that we're passing through
This is just a stop, on the way to where we're going,
I'm not afraid because I know, this is our temporary home.


Already in Love

Eventually I will give you a peek of my week with Audrey and Owen, but for now, this picture will have to do... It's my favorite. Isn't he perfect?!?!?! :)



My stomach is fluttery. Do you want to know why? Because my nephew Owen has been here for 3 hours and I have yet to see him. I am babysitting my wonderful niece Audrey so Nay Nay, dad and obviously mom, can be with Owen. Which has been great. We woke up and played around the house, had some eggs and pickles for breakfast. ;) Then we packed up and headed for chuck e cheese where Audrey and I partied like is was 2009. The kid hasn't lived long, so she doesn't know how to party like any other time. ;) Anywho, did you know that Chucke knows the Cupid Shuffle?? He does because he had all the kids come up and dance with him to win tickets. Audrey and I rocked, I'm just sayin'. After all of that exhaustion, we headed home for a nap, (A, not me, I had homework to do). About the time that Audrey was just whimpering/fighting sleep but failing, I get a phone call..

Born at 2:00 PM
November 9,2010
9 lbs 4 oz.

To quote my friend Starr's response when I texted her the news, "yesssss! FAT BABIES ARE THE BESTEST!" It's true, I was one of them, but not when I was born. So after getting this wonderful news I now have to wait until Audrey wakes up from her nap to go see her brother. Of course I am so grateful to be able to do this wonderful deed of watching my niece for Katie, but OH MY GOODNESS IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! I'm not a patient person if you can't tell. So instead of having a couple hours to do homework and be grateful Audrey takes long naps; I am fidgeting and procrastinating and blogging... because who can focus on school work when there is a perfectly, wonderful, healthy, handsome baby boy 5 miles away waiting on his Auntie WiWi to hold him..?? not me.


Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS

So I have this friend. We don't get to see each other very much because we live hours apart. BUUUTTTT we talk on the phone a lot and I absolutely love her. She is goofy, spontaneous, hyper, encouraging, loving, friendly, and her God is also my God...that's pretty cool! Well, she and her husband Coy came to visit Drew and me!!! They could only stay for an hour, but it was sooooo good to see her face, and her baby bump :) They live in Kentucky so I haven't seen her since their wedding in May. She makes my heart happy.

My God wants to intimately know me.

Getting texts from my sister saying Audrey is looking for me. I am loved. :)

A clean home

lunch with new friends

Prayer... think about it. God gives ME a way to communicate with Him. That's pretty HUGE!

I made snickerdoodles for Drew and he was very grateful. That makes me thankful.

Hoodies and sweatpants... what ever would we do without those staples??

Goofing off with friends from class. It's the little things in life.

God is good and therefore life is good.


It's all about you, Jesus.

I cling to your testimonies... for YOU shall enlarge my heart!
Psalm 119:31&32

I spread my hands to You; my soul longs for you like a thirsty land.
Psalm 143:6

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8&9

He who has received His testimony has certified that God is true!
John 3:33


Date #19 - Cheddars, walkin, The Killers

Can I just say that date nights are fun. :) I get to talk, and talk and talk and talk and talk... and it's okay. :) There is no phone or sports center or computer for Drew to escape to. I trap him. Muahh ha ha.. just kidding. sort of. We do get a lot of chatting done on our date night. Drew received a gift card to Cheddars as a Pastor Appreciation gift, so that's where we headed. It was delicious! One of the best burgers I've ever had, and Drew stated that the ribs were better than Chili's! Now THATS high praise!

We walked around the mall a little while just perusing, and then headed home to watch 'The Killers'. It may sound scary, but it's a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. There was one part I did not appreciate at all but other than that it was a great movie!


Fall happenings

Here are a few of my favorite fall things. :)
Several weekends ago (my birthday weekend to be exact), Drew and I headed to Camp Tuk A Way to Lakeside Baptist's youth retreat. This is a retreat we both went to for years. The difference was that we were the 'guests of honor.' Drew was asked to be the speaker for the weekend, and although it was weird to think about being old enough to do such a thing, it was a blast!! Drew and I were able to catch up with old friends and be encouraged by the great God-things that are being done in Lakeside's youth group.This chica is a favorite. Getting hugs from her all weekend made me very happy.
Samshe and I went on a walk under the stars. It was so encouraging to talk about what God is doing with someone who I not only love dearly, but who is also in the same life situations that I am! Our feet were freezing and soaked, but the fire fixed that problem!
Some of the kids I grew up with, plus some husbands :)
I'm a big fan of this couple :)

This girl came in from liberty just to see me. Okay,not really, but I'm glad I saw her face!

Pumpkin Carving is another favorite! :) Carrie Wampler has NEVER carved a pumpkin and that was just appalling to me. So the Wamplers, Silers and Hunsleys got together for some baked spaghetti, birthday cake, pumpkin carving, and thhhheeennnn we played the newlywed game. It's kinda lame and the questions are sooooo random but it was a lot of fun! Drew and I kicked butt too. :)

We had our fall festival at Oakland last Saturday. We had a good turnout and saw lots of adorable kiddos. :)