Park with the Cousins

Last week Nay Nay, Aunt Katie, Audrey and Owen met us at our nearby park. We pretended to be at the beach and enjoyed sticking our toes in the sand. We also spent some time swinging and climbing. It was GORGEOUS and we loved soaking in the sun... and sneezing our way through the beginning of allergy season. What can I say, life isn't perfect. :)

It was a great day!


12 week appointment for baby two

 This is our sweet baby at 12 weeks, which was two weeks ago. Whoops! My doctor's office in Mount Airy is wonderful, but we were a little sad we didn't get to see the baby at 8 weeks. So this appointment was much anticipated!! His/her heartbeat sounds wonderful and everything is measuring right on time. They gave us a DVD of the sonogram which we can bring back at each one and they will add too it. How fun is that?!?! ;)

My doctor check my sugar log book and said that everything looked FINE and I can stop checking. He said to stick with the diet (a basic low-carb diet) because in reality all of us should follow it and it's good for the baby, BUT if I want to eat something good (Pizza, pasta, a cookie) that is fine. He said it would spike anyone's sugar and moderation is good enough for now! I have to take the glucose screening test at 16 weeks, and if it looks fine then I will take the normal one around 28 weeks. My doctor didn't seem concerned which made this preggo a happy camper!!

I'm feelings pretty good lately. nausea has subsided a decent amount and I'm not nearly as dizzy - which I think is because I can eat and not bottom out (my sugars would be in the 60s!) I am sleepy all the time, although who wouldn't be with a 14 month old?? :) My little baby bump is DEFINITELY there, which is a little depressing because I'm only 14 weeks, but I am rejoicing that God has given us this opportunity to have another baby!


Easter Weekend

 Easter was a little different this year. We had a lot of stuff going on at the church, which meant we stayed in Mount Airy. We were going to have Easter dinner with my mom, Jeremy, Katie and kids but they all have had a nasty stomach bug for over a week. We did NOT want that so we stayed to ourselves. :) 

We couldn't go to the church Easter egg hunt on Saturday because Peyton had a high fever on Friday night. Thankfully there were no symptoms so we were able to celebrate our risen Savior on Sunday. We had a nice lunch, just the three of us and then spent the evening doing homework and relaxing...

We 'hid' a few eggs for Peyton, and once he figured out that there was candy inside, he went crazy. He has been bringing us eggs ever since... we really need to hide them permanently. :)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend as well!!


Finally! Some Snow.

Peyton saw a real snowstorm for the first time a few weeks ago. We were visiting home and when we got to church Sunday morning it was coming down pretty hard. He reached out in amazement, but he didn't care to touch it. We were blessed to be able to hang out with the Batson's that afternoon and Peyton giggled uncontrollably every time they threw snow towards the window at Peyton. I sure do love those kids! While people in Roanoke were over the snow and ready for spring, I was so glad we finally got to see some - and we were able to make it home to Drew safely that evening!