Writing on the Wall

 So way back a couple weeks ago, you know, when it was WARM and sunny around these parts, we decided to take a cousin adventure.

Elijah was staying with my mom so I brought my crew, and Katie brought hers, to a super yummy diner in Winston Salem for some OH-SO-TASTY pancakes and bacon. (That's right, I eat bacon now) We were so glad there weren't many people there so we could let the kids eat at a separate table and roam a bit. All of the walls were dry erase boards so they were in heaven! :)

Afterwards we decided to brave the park. I say brave, because while Katie and I LOVE getting together, it is a tad exhausting to take our 5 kids anywhere.Thankfully outdoors makes adventures way better and I left the day exhausted but not overwhelmed.. I sure do love my kiddos...

Owo being silly

Peyton is getting so brave with his sliding! I can't believe I have such a big boy!

Nay Nay snuggles!

Family is the best, isn't it?!?!


Grammy and Papaw

I'm not sure that I've mentioned it yet, but Drew is finishing our basement. He is turning it into a den/playroom and we are so excited to have the extra space! That being said my dad is helping randomly. My grandad and Dad came awhile back to run wire for the electrical and Dad and Dreama came a couple Saturdays ago so dad could help hang sheet rock. It's looking like a finished room!

That being said, Grammy and Papaw stayed to watch the Duke game, play with the kiddos, and go to church with us Sunday morning. It was a great weekend!


A Day in the Life of...

There is something wonderful about having a family. It isn't always easy. In fact some days it's down right exhausting, (that's why I started to drink coffee), but the joys far outweighs the trials.

As a stay-at-home mom there are days where I keep my kiddos home all day. I think these are Peyton's favorite because he HATES to get out of his pjs! Footie pajamas are his favorite and being naked is a close second. He is working on his potty training which has its ups and downs. Oh but he loves getting his chocolate afterwards!

Peyton loves doing puzzles, painting, writing in his Blue's Clues Notebook, playing in the sink with dishes, reading books, and watching TV on our phones. He also loves playing with his sister. He 'roll back' (rolls on his back) with Sadie and 'jum jum' with her when shes in her jumparoo. He is concern for her when he is eating and she isn't. He is also super understanding when I have to put her down for a nap.

When it is warm outside we spend it drawing with chalk, playing on the driveway, drive his cars, play in our car (he has loved that since he was tiny) and of course 'slide' and swing.

I try my best to have the kiddos nap at the same time so that I get some time alone. I feel like it's pretty important for my soul. :) I'm doing a Beth Moore study at church so I try to catch up on that during nap time, tidy/do dishes/ or whatever random housework and then usually end up with some cookie dough and watching parenthood or the voice.

In the evenings, Daddy coming home with some fresh energy is so important! We love to 'high' (hide) in baby's bed which he can now climb into and tickle. He says 'more more' whenever Drew or I tickle him because it's a definite favorite! He loves helping us with dinner and usually plays with his food/microwave along side of us.

After dinner we take baths or snuggle. If they take baths we end up snuggling them in their towels 'as babys' a while which makes Peyton downright giddy.

We have been dividing and conquering for bedtime routines. We take turns with Peyton and Sadie but they both start to go to bed around 8:30. Peyton needs his prayers (which he decides who he prays for - so precious) and songs and books. He has been taking FOREVER to go to sleep and sometimes cries when we leave the room. We're working on it. Sadie just needs some milk and she is OUT! Unfortunately she has been crying many times a night...oh well I get lots of snuggles!

Days at home aren't glamorous. But they are wonderful. I am so grateful to be able to grow and learn and play alongside these two cuties!


Sadie Girl is 5 months old!

Well my dear it had been quite the month! I hate to say that you have had your first hospital stay. That wasn't any fun but you were such a trooper! Your first IV, x-ray, ultrasound, and catheter. YUCK! So proud of you for handling all of that though!

On to the better things... you LOVE to jump in your jumparoo... I cannot emphasize that enough... jumping is your favorite! You also love chewing on your hand, and toys (Sofie gets most of your drool's

attention), and being held. You love to roll over - but then you get mad that your on your belly. It's wonderfully frustrating! You found your feet on February 13 and love chewing on them! Sadie you are on the go by scooting backwards and turning in circles and it makes me excited about the coming months!

You have your bottom two front teeth and still drool constantly which SOAKS your shirts. It has made your eating habits pretty terrible but we are working on it. I hate that your cold/stomach bug/kidney infection has made your sleeping habits so terrible. You sleep in the swing right now and end up in bed with me - but your stuffy nose makes you pretty uneasy. Poor girl!

Your cackling makes us so happy. Sadie, you are already a daddy's girl and we're pretty much guaranteed to see you smile when Drew comes in the room. Your cheeks are so chubby and the rolls on your thighs are perfect to tickle. I'm so glad you are a snuggle bug even if it's rather exhausting - you want to be held 3/4 of the time!

Oh, you definitely do the most crunches out of all of us and it tickles us to death. You will lay on your back with your head and shoulders raised an inch of the ground and just hang out there.

Sadie you tried cereal March 7 and love it if your starving but if you are content you couldn't care less about it. I think you enjoy the spoon as much as the food at this point, and that's okay!

I told Daddy the other day that I don't remember life without you, and it's true. You brighten our day and make our backs just a tad more sore and we love you for it!