Visiting Roanoke

 A few weeks back Peyton and I headed to Roanoke to spend some much anticipated time with our friend since forever practicallysister, Bethany. She moved far away to allow God to do AMAZING things in her and her husband's lives, but as a results we have to soak up the time with her when we can!! I'm pretty proud of her and SO glad that we could catch up a little. She is headed far far away from us again, you know, to do those really cool God things, and I am just so proud of her... and love her a lot!

Anyway, we went to another long time friend's bridal shower where we ate yummy food and caught up with loved ones we hadn't seen in months - or some even years! The next day we were able to spend an afternoon with her and some of those same forever friends at the pool. What an amazingly relaxing afternoon chatting and soaking up the rays!! That evening we were able to here some of what God is doing in Bethany and Nick's ministry and can I just say... wow. ;) It's pretty cool!

We thought we weren't going to be able to see Tana (Bethany's mama) but she came in a few days late to the party and we met up at the mall. Can I just say that Tana hugs are a necessity in every person's life - especially mine and my son's! She's my second mom-for real. ;)

Since my mom, Katie, Audrey, Owen, Norah, Peyton, and I all came to town, we stay at my aunt and uncle's house and had a lot of good catch up time with them.  We chatted in our pjs and ate yummy breakfast! It was chaotic for sure but I sure did enjoy my time! Oh... I also got some really good Norah snuggles.

And she had some good Sadie snuggles... they are going to be best friends - I just know it. Just like Peyton and Owen will be best friends once they stop acting too much like brothers by annoying the snot of out each other. haha Katie and I just laugh for the most part.

Bethany made Sadie some cute girly things that I can't wait for her to use/wear. She also made Peyton a super hero cape. He wears it often, and Drew helps him fly around the house.

Yup, it was a good time had by all visiting Roanoke that weekend. We sure were happy to see Daddy when we got home though!


32 weeks

26 ish weeks

29 weeks

I definitely haven't been documenting my pregnancy as well this go round. Frankly, when I'm not chasing Peyton around I'm napping or spending time with my hubby. My mind is mush these days so to form coherent thoughts are more difficult. Since Drew is napping, and I finally got a decent amount of sleep last night I figured I would fill you in on our little Sadie.

I'm 32 weeks and WORN OUT. I've definitely reach the 'over it' feeling of pregnancy. My second trimester was great, but this third one can't go by fast enough. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE feeling my baby move all around my belly. I do end up lecturing her though, because she has actually made me nauseous from moving so much. There is nothing like that feeling of a hand (or foot) jabbing my side and seeing body parts roll across my belly. She moves more than Peyton, either that or her movements are just more defined, which hopefully means she's a petite thing and has tons of room in there. :) Time will tell. Her heart rate has stayed in the 140s, she's head down, and she's measuring right on target. YAY. :)

My diabetes didn't stay under control with diet, so I am on Metformin to help my sugars stay down. For the most part it's working well, although there are still a few highs... I'm so sick of scrambled eggs and salads I can tell you that! :) I'm going to be requesting Olive Garden, Firehouse subs, and Drew's fajitas as soon as Sadie's born!

My heartburn has returned over the past couple weeks.... while this is frustrating, I am hoping it means lots of hair like Peyton. I just have this sinking feeling that since Peyton has so much wonderful hair that I could put in a pony tail in the hospital had I chosen too, that Sadie will come out bald. ;) Oh well, headbands will still work even if clips won't. I've also been rather nauseous and had some sharp pains the past week or so. I've also had some Braxton-Hicks a lot more than with Peyton. Sounds about right for the third trimester don't you think?

Since I  am on medication, I started my Non-Stress Tests Monday. I had these with Peyton, but apparently there are new regulations so I have to go twice a week, every week, from now until Sadie is born. While this is definitely inconvenient (they are NOT cheap) I'm glad there are ways to make sure my baby is taken care of! These tests measure when her heart rate rises and how much she moves. They are supposed to only take about 20 minutes of me being hooked up to a machine - but with Peyton they sometimes took over an hour. He was either sleeping, or moved too much that we couldn't keep the monitor on the right spot. Hears to hoping Sadie is more cooperative - she was yesterday!

It's hard to believe we will be having a baby girl in less than 2 months! Drew and I were talking, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact she doesn't have a room yet so we haven't started on the nursery. (We have a contract on a house, hoping to move mid-September but more on that later) So all of the baby stuff is packed away, and there aren't the baby showers like there were for Peyton. While that's fine, it makes my pregnancy aches and appointments the only reminder that our baby is coming!! AHHH!! I can say that my sweet Bethany made Sadie some adorable headbands and burp clothes which made me oh so excited for all things girly!

Drew and I are planning a baby moon before she gets here for early September, we're moving mid-September, after that, come on baby! We can't wait to meet you! :)


18 months?!?!

MAKE. IT. STOP. time I mean. It's going too fast and I cannot seem to catch up with it. My second child isn't even here yet and I have already slacked when it comes to some things I wanted to do for her like I did Peyton. Aye yi yi!

My baby boy is 18 months old. Has been for a couple weeks now but you know, the time, itsa flyin'! The joy that he brings to Drew and I is ridiculous and definitely difficult to describe. So here are my lousy words to try. But trust me, it won't do Peyton justice for what a wonderful addition he is to our family...

He officially fist bumps. He still is clingy when he is in public (well, pretty much anywhere) so at church he doesn't go reaching for the teens who adore him, but he is quick to 'pound it' or hide in my chest giggling while they pretend to 'get him'. He usually is fine when they take him away to play, he just doesn't care to initiate it.

He still isn't talking much, which we aren't worried about because 1. he will when he is ready, and 2. he communicates amazingly! He uses the signs for 'more' 'please' 'thank you' and 'all done'. He points and will nod yes or no when you ask him what he wants. He talks a lot in his throat. It's hard to explain but the syllables are there, and we can usually make out all sorts of words he wants to say, but he doesn't actually get them out of his throat to form the words. I'm not going to lie, hearing that all day, which sounds a tad like whining, makes me want to hear the actually words, but he is content at the moment. On a daily basis he only says 'mama' 'dada' and 'naynay' although cracker, dog, done, and night night are words that have graced his lips before.

He is great at blowing kisses, given huge hugs, and giving certain people slobbery kisses right on the mouth - kisses that I love, but not everyone would appreciate. ;) His newest thing is waving 'bye-bye' and blowing kisses frantically to Mickey when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse goes off. Peyton is definitely still a snuggle bug, he has to have his rocking time at nap time and bedtime. I still rock him to sleep at nap because I can and I love it! Drew and I both still do bedtime routine together, making sure we pray, read a book, and sing. He will go in his crib, but only once he thinks he has had an adequate amount of snuggle time. :)

On that note, he has gotten into squeezing our necks tight and rubbing our noses together. He definitely doesn't have a bubble when it comes to his time with mama or Dada! 

Oh, we ask him if he wants us to pray, at bedtime or meals, and he nods yes, and then when we say amen, he makes his sing song noise in his throat that mimics 'amen'. LOVE. IT.

He loves to slide, play with chalk, bubbles, WATER, and has enjoyed swimming this summer. I took him to a pool last week that had a baby pool. That was a first for him but he was able to swim with his floaty a little, I guess because had the comfort of being able to put his hands down and touch the bottom. He is GREAT at kicking his feet and I'm just such a proud mama!

He still would prefer tearing down towers than build them. I can see his imagination get bigger as he makes cars and planes make noise as he swings them around. He climbs on everything, and loves dancing to his veggie tales CD. He enjoys the park, and really going anywhere. Even Wal-mart is pleasant as long as he gets to get out of the buggy and explore. We take things slow around here, but I love that we don't have many reasons to rush anywhere. Slow is also better since the clumsiness of a toddler has definitely been more apparent in our sweet boy.

Our wonderful boy does love watching TV. We try to limit it but that doesn't stop him from handing us a remote often throughout the day. His favorites right now are Chuggington and Handy Manny, although Blues Clues is quickly climbing up the charts, and Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse are always choices of his as well.

He is hilarious when Drew comes home from work. He slides off the couch or hops up from the floor and runs to Drew yelling 'Dada, Dada, DAAADAAAA' over and over again. Occasionally if he is near me he first grabs my face and says Dada over and over as close to my face as possible. He wants to make it known that Dada has in fact, arrived home! ;) They love to 'play' xbox together. Peyton will hand drew a controller and they will lay on our bed pretending to play together. :) Also, whenever the two of them are together outside Peyton usually hands a bag of golf balls/ wiffle balls to Drew and then gets their golf clubs and play in the yard. Drew will hit them and Peyton chases
and brings them back. I sure do love watching the two of them together!

He went to the doctor this past week. He wasn't a huge fan of the nurse, but did great when Dr. Y checked him out. We like her. :) His wonderful head is still in the 97th percentile, height around 34 in and in the 94 percentile, and weighs almost 28 pounds putting him in the 83rd percentile for weight. He has all of his teeth except his last 4 molars. I think about 5 or 6 of them came in during the month of July alone which was slightly rough. We are so blessed to have this healthy growing boy!


It's Christmas Time in North Carolina

 Christmas in July has come and gone. It was a whirlwind due to changing the dates and Katie getting sick but we did have a fun-filled day on Thursday, July 18th. We started out swimming and thankfully this year it didn't rain on us!

 Once we were worn out from the sun we came in and had delicious Christmas food while Audrey begged and begged to open presents. :)
 The kiddos tore into those presents. Games were played, pretend food was microwaved...

 of course we had Christmas cupcakes and m&m cookies... those were non-negotiable.

 Oh yes, we definitely squeezed some naps and leftovers in there as well. A wonderful day with family for sure!