14 months

 My baby has been into so much these past few months! He is in his 14th month and has become mister busy!
He is walking on his own quite regularly, and has just started to run, which is both adorable and amusing.
My baby is down-right giddy when he gets his milk in the morning, when he gets some of mommy's chocolate, and when he reads his Bible before bed or nap time.

Peyton wakes up around 8 and goes to bed around 8. He takes one afternoon nap, although since the time change he also tends to doze for a few minutes one other time throughout the day. When he goes to bed he still has his bottle, Bible story, prayer, songs and then bed. He will NOT let us snuggle him without reading a Bible story though... even at nap time. I LOVE that about him! :)

He loves playing with friends in the nursery, although still doesn't like saying bye to us. He loves when the teenagers come to play every Sunday night, and is such a ham.

He is a dancer - no thanks to his parents. :) Peyton loves to bob his head from side to side and occasionally gets his shoulders into it. Don't worry, the hips usually stay still. Most of the time when he dances he also says "yeah, yeah, yeah" over and over. He will also often repeat you when you start it.
Peyton is a babbler, although he is only saying a few actual words. He says 'dada' 'dah' (Dog) 'mama' 'duh' (done - which is accompanied by pointing to the sink because we always get his rag to wipe his face), hi, yeah, nigh nigh (night night). I feel like he has said no and thank you although it quite possibly could be a fluke.

This little ham, while adorable, has also become pretty strong willed. He will push my legs if I'm doing the dishes and he doesn't want me to or if he just wants me to do something else or just wants me out of his way. Pulling my hair to get up is also a lovely habit he is getting into.

He is still pretty ticklish. All Daddy has to do is rub his scratchy face on Peyton's feet or face and he goes nuts! He also is ticklish in the thighs and sometimes the ribs. His giggle is contagious and such a beautiful sound!

Oh. My. Goodness. I seriously could kiss his cheeks and tickle his chubby thighs all day long. He is such a goober and Drew and I are often overwhelmed by the love we have for him!


this and that and an announcement

So I realize I have left some wondering what our little family is up to since I have become horrible at blogging lately. My computer stays away while Peyton is up, and when he is asleep I am usually sleeping, cleaning, or spending time with my man. I'll try to do better. That's all I can promise.

We have been up to a lot lately. ;) We went to a Lakers vs Bobcats basketball game last month. Drew and I had great seats thanks to our tax return, and it was a wonderful evening getaway!

I left my baby overnight over two nights while we took our teens on a ski trip. It was hard but I was so grateful for my time with the teens! We had a great time even though sleeping with a bunch of middle school girls = way more giggles than sleep. I'm okay with that though. ;) It had been a while since Drew and I had been skiing (We have been together for 9 years and have never been skiing together, just to give you a clue) but we remembered pretty quickly. I had forgotten how wonderful it was flying down a hill with the wind on your face, white all around you, and how quiet it is! We went for a conference and I think everyone agreed that the speakers/band were wonderful!

Drew finished up the church basketball league, and while they didn't win very much, he had a great time playing and Peyton and I loved watching!!

Drew and I will both graduate from Liberty in May. He will have his masters in discipleship and I will finally have my bachelors in biblical studies. I think we are both ready to be finished!!

We miss Roanoke a lot but are settling in to life in Mount Airy pretty well. I can't wait til I know how to get everywhere and have memories to mark different places of town!

I guess the biggest news lately is......


I know it's hard to believe. Feels a little like I just did this, but we are so excited for this new addition, coming around October 11. So far my 1st trimester has been really similar to my one with Peyton, which = sleepy, dizzy, and nauseous. It could definitely be so much worse so I am grateful. My doctor does think I already have diabetes again so I said hello to my meter and low-carb diet and goodbye to my cookies and Doritos. May I just say that having diabetes while in the first trimester of sickness is not easy! My way of keeping nausea at bay is to snack... a lot. ;) I am thankful that God has helped me eat well for my baby since left to my own devices I stray, often.

God has been so good to us and we are thrilled to be able to be a part of his bigger picture!