That's what I feel when my sister and her family comes to town. :) I am all kinds of happy.
I love the:

giggling at my nephews rolly polly legs
cleaning up pee and formula on my couches multiple times
watching my niece play with Hector (the pig Drew gave me when I was 16)
laughing with my mom and sister over our adventures
seeing my husband being so great with the kiddos 
pigging out with my sis while chatting non-stop
having mom, Katie and me all together
hugs from Jeremy (we're the huggers in the family)
hearing my niece say "Wi Wi, what you doin'?"

and the list could go on...



 Thanks so much for praying! We had a great weekend with our middle school kids! They had a great time interacting with the other churches and by the end of the weekend had everyone dancing during the worship songs. :) They really bonded and made great friends. Everyone was challenged to share Christ with their friends. They had to write letters to some of them and some of the girls really took it seriously! The played kickball uphill, a ton of team building games, Body Body, and over all had an amazing time!I am so grateful for these girls!

Can I just say I also LOVE the fact the friends we grew up with are also in full-time ministry. How awesome is it to bring our different groups together to worship the same God. I am always so encouraged to catch up with these blessings!


My God is the Same Miraculous God of the Bible

God has definitely stretched me this school semester but is bringing me closer to him as a result! I love how His mercies are new EVERY morning and we can rest secured in His loving arms!
I had to write a paper about 8 miracles in John and how they showed God's Deity through it. Whether it was the feeding of the 5000, Lazarus being raised from the dead, or healing a blind man, there are common threads that we sometimes miss when we read them separately.

1] My God has perfect timing. Sometimes He healed as soon as He spoke the words like with the Nobleman's son. (When that royal officer got home, he realized that his son was instantly healed when Jesus said he was.) Sometimes He healed once the person in need took a leap of faith (Jesus put mud on the man's eyes, but wanted him to wash in a pool in order to see.) He made his close friends wait days while thinking that their brother was dead before He came and rose him from the dead. God is powerful to heal in any situation, but He may choose to strengthen your faith and patience by waiting.

2] He chooses to answer prayers differently than the way we ask. That same blind man was born blind. 38 years he was blind, but God chose a specific day so that His glory could be seen to others!

3] Nothing can stop my God. Scary storms are no match for God's calming voice. Water cannot stay water if God wants it to be wine. Those things contradict what we know through science to be true, but it didn't stop God from letting our jaws drop in admiration!

4] We must have faith. He's got this. Worrying only shows my lack of knowledge that He is in control.

That same God is the One who answers my prayers. He heals us when we are sick, He chooses to wait to give me a answer to prayer even when I beg, because He has a perfect plan already mapped out for me. He desperately loves me and desires for me to see Him through every situation good and bad.

Question is: am I going to follow Him in faith? Or stay blind or without help because I don't trust Him?



We (Drew and I along with our middle schoolers) are headed to West Virginia today for Equip. It will be a great time to challenge them to reach their unsaved friends along with building the relationships they have at church. 

We have 5 girls going. Please pray for:

1) me since I will be doing any 1 on 1 counseling that might need to be done
2) Drew's (and my) sanity as they are some spunky ones :)
3) their desire for God to strengthen... softened hearts
4) safe travel
5) boldness as they will be writing to letters to unsaved friends back home. My friend Lewis got saved through a similar letter so these can make a huge impact!!


Hungry Haitians

Drew is planning a 30 hour famine for our teenagers February 25-26. We will be eating lunch and then meeting that evening for a lock-in for the teens.  Throughout this time, we will be watching videos, going in the community, and studying/playing games that make us more aware of the seriousness of hunger. Then Saturday evening we will eat a dinner to break the fast. Part of this program includes getting people to sponsor us. All that means is that if you or someone you know has thought about giving to the homeless, but you don't know how, you can give NOW! All of the money that people give to sponsor us, will go straight to feeding the hungry in Haiti for a year. I know I often think about giving to those in need but don't know where to send it. Here is a way to do that!If you are interested you can write a check out to World Vision and mail them to me. Please e-mail me at khunsley09@gmail.com if your interested. (I'm anti put-your-address-out-on-the-world-wide-web.) I see people all around the world get anxious to help others when a disaster strikes. What I don't see is the continuous support of those people after the media stops talking about them. There are many Haitians still in need, and YOU can help! If you can't give, Drew and I covet your prayers as our teens take part in this. 1) we are praying for a good turn out and 2) that everyone's eyes will be open and become a little less selfish as a result. I think we could all use a dose of that. :)


I love that man (Date 32)

Drew and I have similar and yet different views when it comes to Valentine's Day. Drew thinks that it is purely a commercial holiday and he won't give in to buying the $50 roses or wait hours to take me to dinner when we can go any other day of the year. He stands firm to the stance of "I would rather treat you special throughout the year than to be told to treat you special one day a year."

Which I totally agree with.. but on the other hand...

I love the idea of Valentine's Day. Let me tell you a story.

Drew and I have been dating since February 1,2004. Technically we weren't supposed to so we didn't celebrate two weeks later, but the following year was my second FAVORITE memory of our dating years. He came over early and made me breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to eggs and pancakes, a HUGE stuffed teddy bear, a card with a mushy letter in it, and a dozen pink roses. :) I know, he did good. :) We spent time eating and then I got ready for work. For those of you who didn't know us then, we both were wait staff at Famous Anthonys so we got to spend the day working side by side. He had practice after work but we met up later to watch a movie with our friends Tara and Greg. I gave him a scrap book I had worked really hard on, and a letter. It was the perfect day.

It wasn't the perfect day because it was Valentine's Day and we did what we were supposed to do. It was perfect because we spent weeks before planning how we could make the other person feel special. I worked hard on a scrap book and he planned, shopped, and wrote a letter that probably took him FOREVER to write (he absolutely HATES writing letters... he would rather tell me what he thinks of me where as I would rather have it to look over a million times throughout the day year.)

So you see I don't have to celebrate a holiday, but I do love the fact that it gives us a reason to plan to make the other person feel loved. I like the homemade thoughts that came behind that Valentine's Day in 2005. I like feeling special and having to put forth an effort.

This year we didn't do anything extravagant. We cooked dinner side by side. We played a game by candlelight. I received white roses. He wrote me a note. (He refuses to buy and doesn't like receiving cards. He would rather have the 5 bucks... I'm mostly okay with that. :)) It wasn't extravagant, but it was a wonderful day with my best friend. and I am way okay with that!!


I think I can, I think I can...

I'm still alive... barely it sometimes seems. I have learned some lessons this past week been in awe at how much God loves me despite my human concerns!

I WILL NOT be taking 3 classes next 8 week. The 3 I am taking now is very much overwhelming me.
Note to Self: working at least 30 hours a week, taking 9 credits in an 8 week setting, being a pastors wife, and trying to build/maintain great relationship, and being a GOOD wife = nearly impossible.

That being said, I have reached week 4 and finished my first paper in Church History which in Drew's opinion: Is about a ridiculous topic that is definitely Grad Level. Which would be fine if it wasn't an undergrad test and I had way too many obligations as it is... Woo Hoo for finishing at 11 PM only to wake up and realize the new week of schoolwork has begun, I think I can I think I can I KNOW God can.

This week has been an emotional roller coaster but God has been faithful and reminded me that He is my shelter and strength and in HIM I know that I can do all things. A great friend reminded me that He and I are all that I need to put my hope it. If I'm not ready for something that I think I am, it is because He is tweaking and fine-tuning me. He's molding and making me into His completely selfless vessel to use for His work. I'm not going to lie, tweaking is sometimes pretty painful.

My Mamaw Farmer that went to be with my Jesus would have had her 102 birthday today. I miss her and would write all about her but my mom did it beautifully, so if you want to read about her you can go here.

Drew is playing on our church basketball team and is loving to be back on that court! They are undefeated (3-0) and play on Monday nights if you ever want to come watch. It's a blast because I feel like us playing basketball for the conquerors is where it all began for us. He's a GREAT basketball player too! (That's not just because I'm majorly biased either!)

My Tuesday night bible studying kicked back in after too long of a break over the holidays. Can I just say that praying with women of God and learning/leaning on each either huge for anyone's Christian walk! It is, and I am grateful!

I finally upgraded my phone because they were running a major deal I couldn't resist, and I've been overwhelmed at how to make it work! Internet in the phone?? I know I'm behind but I sure am glad I've made it to this point. It's fancy!

Schoolwork pretty much consumed my weekend but I found time to hang out with my friends on Saturday. We hit the road up to Lynchburg to do some shopping. I don't remember the last time I had a relaxing day of shopping with no place to be. I found an adorable summer dress and a cute jacket, which made me super happy. While we were shopping, our husbands were playing in a disc golf tournament. Evidently they were way out of their league, so they didn't win, but I think it was a fun day for them to get excited about the upcoming 'season'. Yes, they have a chart all drawn up to do a season of disc golf all spring/summer/fall long. My man's going to win, I can feel it.

The Souper Bowl party was a success. We collected soup cans for our food pantry hence, the Souper. I love that while the game is on in the youth room, there are games in the kids room. Variety during a football game is a must! Having great friends there to hang out with is also wonderful.

I don't know if I was mentioning much this summer about church, but Drew and I were struggling with finding good friends there. Well, he has gone over and beyond with answering that request and I am amazed. At my other churches I was always one of the last to leave because I always wanted to talk to one more friend. I like it like that. Well, Over the past month I have become that person again and while My hubby doesn't care to much for it, I am forever grateful for those blessings! It's the little things folks!

Now, off to another crazy week of school. Oh, Drew and I made dinner Friday that was delicious and were really able to catch up while eating. It's a sad date but with all the craziness going on it's all we could fit in. But I sure do love his patience!