5 months

Peyton decided to celebrate his 5 month birthday right by rolling over TWICE this morning! He woke up laughing at 6am which is early for him to be up. I walk into his room where he was on his back staring up at me. This is significant since he started out on his belly last night! ;) After he ate I laid him back down, and when he woke up at 9:30 I walk in and the same thing happened. We're so proud of our big boy! Although, I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to him waking himself up because of it. ;)

He has gotten his bottom middle two teeth this month and continues to drool and chew on EVERYTHING.

He is playing with more toys these days, and has begun to jump in his jumparoo. He grabs at things and can get them in and out of his mouth fairly easy.

He sleeps with his tushie in the air, about 12 hours a night.

He started out this month with rice cereal and just tried oatmeal the other day. Loves both!

Peyton still has blue eyes, and in person his hair looks like it's lightening but in pictures it still looks pretty dark.

He is super talkative, and smiley. He gets compliments all the time about how friendly he is, and his laugh is definitely contagious! When he talks, it usually sounds like he is saying 'hey'.

Pey is a fan of his feet, and has almost introduced them to his mouth... but not quite.

He can lift himself up when he is on his stomach, and can scoot in circles, but not forward or backwards yet - although I think he is close.

Daddy loves blowing on Peyton's neck and I love getting and giving sugars! We sure are fond of this little fella!


me and my daddy

I love my daddy. :)

He tickles me. Rocks me. Kisses me. Prays with and for me. He plays with me. Feeds me. Sings to me. He loves blowing on my neck and giving me nose kisses. He carries me. Bathes me. He raises me in the air and makes me smile all the time. My daddy is the best!

He loves me.


Hello, my name is Peyton

 ...and I enjoy using my bib to wipe my face after every bite. It is not very productive for keeping my clothes clean, but it sure does keep me entertained!


Peyton's world

 We sure have been busy lately! I've got some posts I'm way behind on from birthdays and graduations, but this is what our little man has been up to lately. That is the real reason you read this blog! ;)
 He loves his exer-saucer!
 We got to play with Mason and Kylee last week! Oh that slip-n-slide is going to come in handy, even if it's not by Peyton!

 Chewing on Mommy's finger is the best! It helps sore gums!
 We went to the pool a few weeks ago with Samshe and Kaehlen and he hated it! I put him in the one in our backyard and he loved it. Go figure!
 Peyton is still a little young for the infant side of the bathtub, but he still loves splashing around!
 Sleepy baby loves sleeping on his belly, just like his momma. Shh... don't tell Dr. H! ;) He usually has his behind sticking in the air which is simply adorable!

 Kaehlen and Peyton spend lots of quality time together. Thus far, they get along great! haha

 Peyton now wakes up smiling after a full nights sleep. He also loves playing in his crib with his animals after he eats.

LOOK! I've got two teeth!



I'm reading a book. Not just any book, but one that has already convicted me in multiple ways even though the introduction and day 1 are all that has been read. It's called 7- an experimental mutiny against access. It is by a woman who took 7 months and took charge of 7 things in her life that she needed less of so she could see more of Christ.


I'm reading the book to find out more of her experience, but Drew and I have already decided we will be doing some variation of this challenge. 

When a friend of mine, who you can read about here, decided to do the challenge I was greatly intrigued. We have tons of stuff & stress in our lives. What a great way to get a better perspective. Then I started reading the book. My mind began to wander about what would happen if I did in fact, only eat 7 foods for a month, or wear only 7 articles of clothing, or only spend money at 7 places for a whole month, etc... I began planning, which months I would want to do which so I don't interfere with birthdays or cookouts or when my favorite shows were on... Right then I knew I have the problem. I like my stuff. I like the security of money. I like media, and food, and well, being comfortable. Although there isn't anything wrong with those things, a good dose of less would be good for this family. So as I finish the book I will be letting you know how this Hunsley family practices less of this world and more of God. Go ahead, ask me about it in a few weeks when I surely have finished the book and am just stalling. I dare ya.


sharp and squishy

Peyton went to see Dr. H last week. He weighed in at....... 16 pounds 10 ounces! and he's 27 1/2 inches long! He's a beast. ;) He got a shot and didn't even cry! Everything else looks good although there is a click in his left hip. Dr. H wasn't concerned, but will look at it closer if it is still there at 6 months. Peyton also go his first tooth! It's his front bottom left one and it's sharp! ;) He ALSO got the go ahead to try cereal. He has loved it and done absolutely wonderfully with it! My baby is getting so big!

" ooo what's that in your hand mommy?"

 "that foreign object in my mouth is intriguing..."
 "my hands work better than that thing you call a spoon... but thanks anyway"
"it's squishy. it's tasty. it's messy. it's delicious"
"I'm a fan, give me more!"