Waiting on Miss Norah

 We were all very excited for my niece Norah Grace to be born. We passed the time playing at the park, snuggling, and hanging out upside down.

She came on June 20th and I was so excited to squeeze her tight! (but not too tight) She is just precious with her chubby cheeks!

After I met Norah I hung out with her brother and sister. We quite enjoyed splashing around, playing with Hiro and the littlest petshop, and  of course getting more snuggles. :)


While Daddy's Away...

Peyton and Mama will play.

 Drew took a group from our church to the Domincan Republic a couple weeks ago. We were sad to see him go, but had big plans for the week! We kept busy with a trip to Roanoke.

We headed out Sunday Morning to my grandparents house to eat with the Farmer clan. Of course in the time we woke up to the time we got in the car we had a meltdown, Hiro got lose, and had a huge scare of another nature, but we made it in time for a delicious lunch! Peyton swam with the cousins in the hot tub, and then we played outside with Hiro and the corn hole sets. 

We stayed with my Dad and Dreama (Papaw and Grammy Dee) so we had a good time hanging around the house with them. Monday we saw Robin and Shayne, then had lunch with Ben at Red Robin. It was great catching up with all of them! Them we came back to the house and took a nap, and then had dinner with Grandma, Johnny, Suzanne, Luke, Papaw and Grammy. I left Peyton with the grandparents and spend some quality time with my Samshe. :) Chick Fil A and Kohl's with no babies was a wonderful was to spend the evening! 

Tuesday we had breakfast with Jess and her adorable boys Jude and Luke. They are about the same age apart as Peyton and Sadie will be! We took a nap and then went to Splash Valley with Momar, Luke, Macy and Chris. I was really proud of Peyton. He went down two different slides 'by himself'. I caught him at the bottom, and held his hand on one of them, but other than that he was on his own. Such a big boy!!

We met Papaw and Grammy for dinner at Mac & Bob's and then headed to Luke's soccer game. Luke is a beast on the field! Of course we had to spend some time on the playground! :)

 Wednesday morning we met Heather, Tristan, Morgan, and Charlotte at Mill Mountain Zoo. It was perfect weather and Peyton loved the animals - especially the birds! :) Sure do miss these Mama friends!

The zoo sure is exciting and wore. these. boys. out! Once Peyton woke up we played a little golf, road a horsey, and got Ben hugs!

We had dinner plans at Mason and Kylee's house where we partied with Salads, Pizza, and cupcakes! We spent a little time outside and Mason read Peyton a story before we had to head back home - to Mount Airy.

I was in a lot of pain that week, so Thursday morning I went to the doctor and found out I had a pinched nerve in my back. My mom came over Thursday afternoon and stayed through Saturday morning. We were way  more relaxed, Peyton caught up on sleep, his books, and enjoyed being home, and I spend it on a heating pad while my  mom cooked and did dishes. ;) YAY! 

We had a good week but boy was I ready at 1145 PM Saturday when Drew walked through that door!


Summer Lovin'

 Summer is in full swing around here and we tend to enjoy every minute of it! Even though I am not in most of these pictures, I promise I do put down the camera and play with my little family. ;) I just also like taking pictures. 

 Daddy blew up our new pool. Peyton tried his best to distract him... both were exhausted by their jobs. 

Daddy and Pey snuggling and eating junk after nap time.

This little man loves rocking in rocking chairs. My grandparents gave us this one and we are in the process of sanding and painting it! 

He also LOVES playing with doors. Opening and shutting them over and over again.. It's what all the cool kids are doing! And those that don't pay the electric bill. 

 He's also pretty good at looking stylish and cute. Be still my heart! 

 We love playing with our new friend Gracie. They are learning to play with others and I must say, Gracie's Mama and I are enjoying our weekly play dates!

 Tickling is always on the agenda around here.. Daddy always tickles with his scratchy face. Now Peyton has begun to tickle by rubbing his face on us. Simply Adorable!