Sadie is two!


My dear Sadie lady is two! She has grown up a lot faster than I feel Peyton has, and it makes this mama's heart a little anxious! That being said, sweet Sadie is a fun toddler and I'm enjoying this stage of motherhood. Sadie is my crazy lady, who loves to get into everything and moves from one thing to the next at lightening speed. She loves and plays hard, and is one tough cookie. She will run into things and get back up without even blinking - unless she is tired in which case she will wail and be super dramatic! She is working on her obedience... since she is so independent she is having a hard time finding her boundaries and how to control her anger/disappointment. She is one to push the boundaries but also is quick to say sorry, which is good since she has to say it many times a day. She is my stubborn child and unfortunately a lot of days the only time she obeys (when she doesn't want to) is when I am loud and stern with her. That's hard for me because I hate yelling, but if I ask her calmly and politely she stares at me - if I am loud and firm she runs over right away and obeys... Tough love I guess.

Sadie has been talking for months and repeats pretty much anything we say. That makes me think she is older than she is because Peyton took his time with talking. I am amazed at the words that come out of that girl, especially when she spouted off the VBS memory verse with Peyton the other day! When I ask her if she wants to do or eat something she always enthusiastically responds "uh huh, I DO I DO!!" Which is just my favorite! Oh, I think it's important to note that she is obsessed with her paci which she had been calling baba for a while now, although I'm not sure why. She likes carrying around two or three at a time.

I love that she enjoys snuggling way more now than when she is little. I rock her to sleep a couple times a week now and sometimes she begs me too. She loves her babies and blankets and will carry them around all wrapped up. She would read all day if we'd let her, although rarely will we read all the words. She loves playing with my makeup and will carry around chapstick smearing it all over her face.

Sadie loves Monsters Inc and Monsters University right now. So much that she only wants to watch 'rawr' when asked if she wants to watch a show. She occasionally asks for batman these days which is just hilarious coming out of a 1 year old's mouth. Handy Manny, Doc McStuffins, and Sid the Science Kid also come up occasionally. She plays with dolls and little figurines and loves to slide and swing outside. She is fearless - jumping off beds and on couches, sliding on the biggest slides, and swimming without my help. She climbs the rock walls on playgrounds and at least attempts to do everything Bubba does. She hates water in her face during baths and refuses to look up when we rinse her hair, but she gets splashed in a pool and doesn't blink. Right now she has a little makeup bag that she pretends is her purse and carries it full of her little people around everywhere. Puzzles, books, and coloring have also become favorites. It's amazing how a switch went off saying ' I'm two and therefore I should be coloring!'                    

Her favorite songs are the b-I-b-l-e ('BIBIB) and this little light of mine. She also reminds us to pray at every meal which is just the cutest... She folds her hands, looks down and mumbles a few things and then yells 'amen!' She then makes sure the rest of us has our turns praying... LOVE.

I said it on her first birthday and I will say it again today. This little lady is going to do BIG things. Our prayer is that those things are to turn this world upside down for Jesus! 

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