We're going to a 'land' He showed us!

Abraham set out to the land that God would show him. He was told to go, not knowing where he was going, and he went. 

That has been such a cool story for Drew and I lately. God calls us to different things throughout life. Some good things and some hard things - but all things to make us become more like Him. Our goal as the Hunsley family is to make much of Him. To love God and share that with others - no matter whether it is easy or difficult. We pray we will be faithful each day with how we should live that out - even when we don't understand it. 

That being said, God told us to go to a land He would show us... and we were willing. We thought for sure it would be far away. Arizona, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Michigan. Instead God has placed us, through circumstances only He could orchestrate, back home in Roanoke. Drew has accepted a position as Associate Pastor of Family Ministries at Green Ridge Baptist Church. 

It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks. 

It has been hard. Hard knowing we are leaving so many people we love. We've seen our kids grow to love God on a deeper level. We've seen people help and care for us when we were in need. They love our kids well and we will miss them a lot. 

It has also been so good. It's been good because we have seen God work in so many of the details. He is in this decision and we are reminded of that daily. It is also good because the GRBC family has already been wonderful. We've had people praying for us both in the process of gaining one job, and having to leave the other. 

We are excited to follow Him back home and see what God has next for us! 

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