These are the moments I never want to forget (Peyton's four!)

Peyton is still my super sweet, tender-hearted, snuggly boy. He often tells me he 'just needs me' when he wants to snuggle, and 'I just want you' or 'I just love you' when he wants me to stay in his bed a few more minutes. He still twirls his hair when he is sleepy but rarely plays with mine anymore. It breaks his heart when he gets in trouble - crying hysterically almost instantly. He has tried to hide things from us a few times, but is quick to repent when asked.

He is super smart and draws exceptionally. He uses close to 10 pieces of paper a day drawing for us. He will ask us to pause shows so he can draw something from his shows - but also draws a lot from memory. (He drew a mickey mouse clubhouse and all the characters with the correct colored clothes the other day and I was shocked). He can write his alphabet and can write several people's names from memory. He just loves learning all the time. He got out of bed the other night to ask me what 5+4=. Drew thinks he was stalling, I think he was in bed thinking about math. Crazy boy!

He plays pretend (mostly Jake and the Neverland Pirates which is a huge favorite right now) and loves all things sand and water. He loves boats and singing to himself and is just plain funny! It has been fun to see how unique God has made him. Knowing that God knit him in my womb and gave him specific characteristics to bring Him glory is so cool to see lived out. He renamed himself Super Grover 3.0 Giant Pogo Sticker Peyton Andrew Hunsley - and used to tell strangers at the mall that is his name when they ask. Peyton plays the guessing game a lot ' what is very curious.... and is a monkey.... and has 2 dogs... it's curious George!' This summer he made a big deal out of running out of energy - if it's leg energy he stops walking no matter where he is and needs water or a snack to reenergize him. If it is eye energy he can't close his eyes at night until he gets water... and so on. Most of the time it's adorable, although we have had to tell him to move anyway - you know, when he is in the middle of the road!

Peyton has been asking a lot about Jesus. Such as how did he make everything and what is God bigger than and how strong is god?? He was amazed that God could move mountains which was such a cool thing to witness his childlike faith. He loved VBS this summer and although he doesn't repeat words and sings songs with his class, he came home and repeated the verse perfectly weeks later!! He has memorized 4 verses this year and still remembers them all.

"Wherever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear the commands behind you. This is the way, walk in it!"

"Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice!"

"Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right."

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever."

Peyton loves to swim and starting going underwater in June! It was such a huge accomplishment because he used to be afraid of water in his eyes in the bathtub! He also has learned how to fish and is getting great at riding his tricycles. He isn't afraid of the big slides anymore either! One of his favorite games right now is to jump into Drew's arms and then allow Drew to fling him back on the bed. He is pretty diverse on his shows right now - loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Inside Out, Batman, Odd Squad, PJ Masks, Goldie & Bear, Sophia...

My sweet boy is the best big brother ever! He is always looking out for Sadie. When she falls, he picks her up saying 'you okay Sadie??'. He shields her when someone is being rough on a play ground. He prays for his brother and sister (our Haiti babies - no we don't know the genders and won't for a while ) every time he prays and talks about how he is saving money to buy them beds. He mows with Drew to raise money as well. He has already received some money for his birthday. I asked if he wanted to go shopping and he said ' no, I'm giving it to my brother and sister'... SWOON

Finally. There are some things that a mama just hopes their kid never stops saying. These are a few things Peyton has said this year that just melt my heart.

"Awe Phooey nuts guts"

"Chickem = Chicken"

"When am I going to be big like you daddy?"

"Well I know my mom. She loves cake. I know that because she is my mom and I know her"

"You can't eat my face because it's super glued on my neck!"

"I love you more than you love me! It's too late boss!"

"This is my blasternator!"

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